September Rains

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The September Edition of the Secret Robot Spy Factory Newsletter is out! With news on the (fairly) recently concluded Singapore Comic Con, the Shadow Hero, Liquid City, resin toys, Georgette Chen and more!


To sign up for future editions, please do click here :)


The 100,000hp sculpt is now available for online orders with FREE shipping!


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Got to do a variant cover for Roger Langridge‘s new series Abigail and the Snowman, from Boom studios!

Read more about it here at Geekdad!

And if you’re at STGCC this weekend, come get a print of the cover at booth AA1 :)

The cover was a lot of fun to do – been a while since I worked with just pencils as finished art.



Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Con 2014

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The Singapore Toys Games & Comic Con (STGCC) is this weekend Sept 6-7, I’ll be at Artist Alley Booth AA1!

Marina Bay Sands
Sands Expo & Convention Center
Hall B & C, Level 1

6 September 2014, Saturday 10.00am – 8.00pm
7 September 2014, Sunday 10.00am – 8.00pm

There’ll be Toys: The 100,000hp resin sculpt with Mighty Jaxx and sculpted by Gary Choo, where we’ll be launching the Matte Black and Glossy Red colourways!


And Comics! From the New York Times Best Selling Shadow Hero, to Malinky Robot and Liquid City!

No Games unfortunately, but there will Original Art pages, and lots of Prints!


From this set of illustrations from the Disney Channel 2014 Calendar…


To these prints from the “Eric Khoo is a Hotel Magnate” series…


Wonderland prints…


Postcards of Adventure Time fanart and more…!

Come check out the prints and postcards for sale below too at fellow-booth occupier Shiuan Chan!

7358_10152448258173743_113900350845677320_n  10525599_10152448257463743_2890965024915175595_n



100,000 hp x STGCC

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STGCC 2014 rolls round next weekend, the 100,000 hp sculpt will be launched there so drop by Artist Alley Booth AA1, or the Mighty Jaxx booth to get yours!

More Pictures Below!




STGCC info:

Marina Bay Sands
Sands Expo & Convention Center
Hall B & C, Level 1

6 September 2014, Saturday 10.00am – 8.00pm
7 September 2014, Sunday 10.00am – 8.00pm


Reviews City

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First some exciting news: The  Amazing Heroes Kickstarter got funded, which means that I’ll soon be able to get my grubby hands on a Shadow Hero Action Figure!


There was also a nice review in the Washington Post which claims that the book is “an inventive and culturally intelligent marvel“, and that “Liew’s beautiful line tips a cap to legendary comics artists like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.” (!)

Much meaner (and totally wrong and erroneous of course :p) is Paste Magazine, where it’s argued that the Shadow Hero is “a small piece of the larger picture” in Gene’s ouevre, and that the art’s “thick, black outlines and angular faces feel wrong for the subject matter.”

Humbug! :p

Kinder reviews back at the  Storytime Hooligans, as well as Reader of Fictions help dissuade me from Hulk Smashing and/or dissolving into a puddle of thick, black, angular tears :)


The Southeast Asian Anthology Liquid City Vol 3 gets a review too on Shelf Awareness, which says that the collection’s theme (“If you knew the world was ending, what would be the story you would most want to tell?“) has “received a lot of amazing responses, from the fantastical and apocalyptic to the realistic and personal.”

Buy it, buy it all!


Rant City

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The above comic by me and Gene appeared in the A.V. Club’s Comics Week

Here’s the uncensored panel….!


For more rants, check out the Rant and Raves on Today!




The 27

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All the 27 Shadow Hero pinups compiled in one place!

A big thanks to Paolo Rivera, Roger Langridge, Jason Caffoe, Box Brown, MK Reed, James Kochalka, Jeffrey Brown, Steve Lieber, Dan Santat, Fabio Moon, Greg Ruth, Chris Schweizer, Leland Myrick, Thien Pham, Kazu Kibuishi, George O’Connor, Jonathan Hill, Robb Mommaerts, Lark Pien, Derek Kirk Kim, Chris Giarusso, Faith Erin Hicks, Tomer Hanuka and Ben Hatke!

I’ll get round to linking all those names to websites in the near future :p

The book is on its 3rd week on the New York Times Best Sellers list, thank to everyone who’s supported it!




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