Malinky Robot vs Shadow Hero

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MK Reed‘s pinup for Shadow Hero! Featuring Atari and Oliver! :p

The Malinky Robot she speaks of here was a  copy of an early version of “Stinky Fish Blues“, xeroxed and stapled at Kinkos. I think there were maybe 30 copies made, most of them sold at a comic store in Boston thanks to the support of Erin Scott. Erin’s enthusiasm for the comic gave me the chutzpah to apply for a Xeric grant, and it very exciting when the book did get some moolah. This may have led to participation in the Flight series, though I can’t be sure :p

Hope to get hold of some of MK’s books soonest! :)



Archie is Banned in Singapore?

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Given the recent hoohah over the NLB’s withdrawl and planned pulping of several books, seemingly due to public pressue in the form of  complaints from the “We Are Against Pinkdot in Singapore” Facebook group, I’d wondered if there were similar pressures being brought to bear against other book sources, namely commercial bookstores.

In recent times, one comic that did raise LGBT issues was Archie: The Married Life. That series features a gay character in Riverdale  named Kevin Keller, whose marriage in issue #16 of the single issues was objected to by the American conservative Christian group called One Million Moms. Their campaign to have that issue boycotted did poorly, as the Guardian recounts here:

Archie gay marriage comic sells out in face of boycott call

The single issues of The Married Life have been collected in trades, with single issue #16 appearing in Volume 3 of the trade editions.

I looked to see if it might be available on Kinokuniya’s Book Catalog, and was somewhat baffled to find that they carried Vols 1, 2, 4 and 5 but not 3. An inquiry sent to Kinokuniya yielded this response:

We regret that “Archie the Married Life 3″ is deemed to breach the Content Guidelines for Imported Publications, and removed from sale by notice of MDA. We are not able to sell this title.

At this point it is unknown whether this ban on sales was due to outside pressues (as with the NLB) or if it was a unilateral decision by  the MDA – currently waiting for a reply from them about the mechanisms and processes involved behind restrictions on books, especially ones that do not appear to pose a threat to political stability (compared with, say,  a racially charged tract).

Beyond that – what other titles might also have faced sales bans without any wider public awareness? How does the MDA discover them and make decisons about them?

Lots of known unknowns, for the moment, as Rumsfeld might have said :p

For those keen on knowing what the “Content Guidelines for Imported Publications” are:

Just You and Me in The Wreckage of The World

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Liquid City Vol 3 Launch!

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The third volume of the Eisner-nominated anthology Liquid City launches at Kinokuniya Singapore next Saturday!

19th Julym 2014, Sat, 4pm

Kinokuniya Main Store

Do come support, more event details here!

Reviews of the book from: Broken Frontier, Comics Alliance and Publishers Weekly!



It Should Always Be Adventure Time

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Being thirteen again is…boobalooby! While being eighteen is all plopdumps and wagglezags.”


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A Shadow Hero pinup by Roger Langridge, of Fred the Clown and Muppets and much other goodness!

He also did one for The Malinky Robot collection a few years back:




And we once worked on a Spiderman Short together :) (It’s in this collection)

s6 copy


Gabbity Gab

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The Shadow Hero is Broken Frontier‘s Staff Pick of The Week!

You can also read what Lies and Misdirections me and Gene offered them:

Gene: Superheroes, Immigration and Identity

Me: From Singapore to Cambridge to 1930s San Francisco

A big thank you to Tom :)



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