The Shadow Hero #1

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The first E-issue of the Shadow Hero is out next week! :)

In the comics boom of the 1940s, a legend was born: the Green Turtle. He solved crimes and fought injustice just like the other comics characters. But this mysterious masked crusader was hiding something more than your run-of-the-mill secret identity . . . the Green Turtle was the first Asian American super hero.

The comic had a short run before lapsing into obscurity, but the acclaimed author of American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang, has now revived this character in The Shadow Hero, a new graphic novel that creates an origin story for the Green Turtle as a young, Asian-American immigrant named Hank whose mother is really, really excited about the possibility of having a superhero for a son . . . with at times disastrous results.”

Hulk vs Vader vs Yoda

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The Disney Channel 2014 calendar just arrived in the mail, did two pinups for it…

Here’s Star Wars…


And Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.!




(I’ve no idea why there’s a Red Hulk and a Grey Conan in there :p)

Looking for Chu Hing and Other Things

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Chu Fook Hing Photo 1919

The Shadow Hero, the origins story of the Green Turtle written by Gene Yang and drawn by me is out in book form in July from First Second, and  issues of the e-version is already out this month :)

Gene recently came across a blog entry by Alex Jay about the original creator of the Green Turtle, one Chu Hing, that has fascinating details about the life of one of the first Chinese American comics creators.

Here’s the life and times of Chu Hing:


Meanwhile, a project for the National Art Gallery on the painter Georgette Chen is going into post-production, and the book should be out soon!


Work on the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye continues apace :p

Hope 2014 has begun swimmingly for everyone :)

First Seconded

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Me and Gene talk a bit about the Shadow Hero, Malinky Robot and the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye on the First Second Blog :p

The sketch above was a cover idea that never got used, but which i have a fondness for :)


Buy a Malinky today! :) It’s “funny and wistful and heartbreaking“, according to Gene :p



Time Time Time

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A Timelapse of the sculpt :p

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

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Excerpts from the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, an artbook/biography (in comics form!) about a pioneering Singaporean comic artist who began his career in the tumultous 1950s.

028 029 030031 032 033 034 035 036 037038 039 040

Little Boy

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With Gary Choo sculpting, and with the help of the folks at Mighty Jaxx, we’ve casted some figures based on the Tezuka and Manhattan Project- inspired  “100,000 Horsepower“. It’ll be released in painted and multiple colorway versions soon, if you’d like updates and news please do sign up at:


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