Malinky Robot Stinky Fish Blues

I’ve been redrawing and colouring the first Malinky Robot story. I guess I still kinda like the story but the art looks pretty dodgy in retrospect :p  maybe some script changes too, but we’ll see :p

hmm those wires aren’t quite working, will have to do some work on those…



  1. wow, I love your palette, so soft. I’m still having major problem with colors, T_T.

    how long does it take you to do each page? I’m wondering if I’m too slow or it is just normal pace.

    1. hmm not really sure about time, maybe 2 a day 3 if i push it; partly also depending on whether its pages from the same setting – getting the palette right takes a while, but then you can use it for the rest of the pages so those are faster :p

      btw who;s the editor you mention on your LJ? :p

      1. eei, I really am slow, I can’t push beyond one page a day, and I work 16 hours a day straight, I find myself struggle with colors alot and keep going over the same bits, maybe it will get better when I’m more used to thinking in colors.

        About that post, it wasn’t an editor, it was a writer, who fancy himself an editor, from my only ‘collaboration’ of past few years, I’m sure you can guess who. 🙂

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