Colouring Idiosyncracies

Some queries from various sources recently about the colouring done on Wonderland and Malinky Robot, so here’s a quick walkthrough :p

Programme: Photoshop

First thing is scanning in the pencils at 300dpi, after which i adjust hue/saturation, brightness/contrast until it looks ready…

Image layer is now changed to ‘Multiply’ so you can see the  layer of colour underneath it. Then its the mechanical process of blocking out the major areas in flat colours, which ends up looking like this:

Next a duplicate layer is made of colours and highlights, tones, shadows etc are worked on in the new colour layer. The layer box looks something like this:

The reason for keeping the old colour layer is so that its easy to select a large area on it using the Magic Wand tool; then you can go back to the new colour layer,  and adjust the hue/saturation – its a quick way of making changes to the palette…

So eventually you end up with something like this (still a work in progress i think! :p)



  1. Hey Sonny- got a quick question for you.

    How long does it take you to create your magical pages? I’m just dieing to know !

    I swear it takes me way to long to color pages. Do you have any tips on how to keep things quick? [other than the techniques you described up there.]

    1. well for me the tricky part is figuring out the palette for each scene; that usually requires tweaking (via the magic wand tool adjustment thing above) quite a bit until the thing looks alright.

      Once a page looks ok, then i just take that colour layer and use it as a template for the rest of the pages if they’re in the same setting… so the latter ones tend to go quicker.

      Time wise can’t be sure how long it takes, i suppose once the palette’s been worked out maybe 2-3 a day? (with palette-tweaking in theory possibly going on for as long you like! :p)

      1. You know at first I thought you wrote “2-3 days” not “2-3 a day.”

        You’re now officially my hero.
        I’m going to have to keep in mind your techniques when I color. Because i’m at 1-3 days per page currently- and it’s no fun.

        1. heh bear in mind that’s the optimum level, when a bunch of pages are all in the same setting; usually its longer cos new scenes=new colour choices. Simon Bisley on the other hand i hear can turn out several coloured pages from scratch a day! :p

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