Recent work has involved illustration projects that require digital colouring/painting; the content itself has been client-driven and not especially engaging, but they did make me realise the extent to which you could manipulate ‘paint’ digitally. The upshot is some touching up (finishing up in some cases) of what have been pretty poor scans of actual paintings…

WIPs below:



  1. Inspiring work, Sonny.

    What were you using to work over these pieces? Photoshop? Painter? A combination?

    Makes me think of how long it’s been since I’ve done painting in any form now!


    1. heya jhonen

      i only know how to use photoshop so thats what it is :p

      yeah, its hard to find time to do paintings and comics at the same time right?

      or maybe its something to do with mental blocks, all that prep work and cleaning up necessary…

      do you have your old painting up anywhere online? 🙂

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