Pride and Prejudice Cover

Did a cover for Marvel’s Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice… the magazine approach was totally editorial’s idea, i just tagged along :p out in this months previews i think… the adaptation is wriiten by  Nancy Butler and interior art by Hugo Petrus 🙂



  1. HI!

    I’m Hugo Petrus (yes, it’s PetrUs, not PetrAs), the buddy who’s doing all this adaptation. I really loved your cover from first sight, but I’m not that sure about the magazine cover thing, let’s hope it works and not confuse the readers– otherwhise let’s just blame the editorial 😉
    Keep up the nice work, mate!

    1. Re: HI!

      hiya hugo

      sorry for the very late reply, been out of town promoting a new comic, just back and wading through the backlog of emails :p

      yeah the magazine thing… seems ok i guess :p look forward to seeing the book, not sure if marvels sending me any comp copies :p

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