Malinky Robot…. turns French! Plus some Secrets :p

A French edition of the collected Malinky Robot stories will be release in March…  the publishers (Bao imprint from Paquet books) have also been kind enough to arrange for a trip to promote the book, which should cover several cities, including the “le salon du livre” from March 13-18 abd another conventionin Grenoble … more details soon, maybe :p Some stuff in french here

Meanwhile also out in March is the Secret Identities anthology, featuring(mostly)  Asian American creators, exploring Asian American identity via superhero stories. I did a story with Gene Yang ( “American Born Chinese” ), also featured is Dustin Nguyen and many more….



  1. Saw your SECRET IDENTITIES work ( I did one too ) and really enjoyed it! Definitely one of the high points of the book! I’m also very much looking forward to the WONDERLAND collection. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi !
    I wanted to thank you again for your drawing for me on “Wonderland” (you did it at the “salon du livre”), i love it !
    (excuse me for my mistakes, i’m french so i don’t speak english very good …)

    1. glad you liked wonderland! there might be a french edition out early next year if all goes well… and my french is much much worse than your english could ever be :p

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