malinky robot video :p

Well kinda sorta anyhow… Bao books made this promo thing for the salon de livre and assorted websites :p

Its been an educational trip so far, learning bout the comics industry here in france, and finding out exactly how much cheese they eat over here :p



  1. Wonderland in Salon du Livre, Paris


    I’ve seen your work at BAO stand this 14th of march.
    I’m french, and I was wondering if one day you will publish Wonderland in french?
    Thanks for your answer ^^ !

    By the way, when you were signing at the BAO stant, I saw you drawing in a little black book ! It was beatutiful !

    1. Re: Wonderland in Salon du Livre, Paris

      hiya my editors in france are talking to the disney pp right now to get the rights for a french editions, hopefully things will work out – if so the book should be out sometimes next year 🙂

      the whole french trip was a very interesting experience, not least a lot of sketching and drawings – something i’d put on a backburner for quite a while 🙂

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