Videos and Wonderland

The Wonderland trade is out, Amazon link here… there was a nice review in Publisher’s Weekly… The colours… well didn’t turn out the same way they did in the original series, but  I guess that’s an issue for another time… it does have a great feel to it though, what with the hardcover and all 🙂

Meanwhile a couple of videos!

Bao put this together for Malinky Robot:

And Parry Shen put this together for the Secret Identities Anthology 🙂

The making of video here :



  1. hi. Sonny. This is the sequel to the first Malinky Robot? when will it be out in the stores? and the spiderman #50? at kino have? I would really love to get them. and keep up the cool work. thanks. 🙂

    1. heya.. its actually a collection of all the existing malinky robot stories in colour translated into french… an english version might be out later this year.. plus working on a longer new story as well 🙂

      spider 50 i think you can only get via diamond, online or by ordering from comic stores – kino doesn’t carry single issues i think :p

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