Pride and Prejudice Covers

Cover for issues 3 and  5 of Marvel’s Pride and Prejudice Adaptation… Issue 3 started as oil on board with digital touchups, Issue 5  is just digital. Its the old problem though – digital artwork is much more efficient but leaves you without an original, which is still a valid thing to want, despite all the talk about hyperreality :p



        1. i heard the bbc version with colin firth is the one of the better ones… well one day… ,maybe if i ever have to do jane austen interior pages! :p

  1. Hello, I just found your work through these covers and I have to say they are fantastic, I wish the whole comic was done by you! They’re in just the right mood for the story.

    1. heya kirsty thanks much… haven’t picked up a copy of the comic yet (prob tomo) but i have heard Hugo’s work leans a bit to the more traditional marvel style, so maybe not an ideal fit with PnP… but will have a better idea when i see it 🙂

      1. There are a few previews here if you want a sneak peek!
        I haven’t read the whole comic either, just saw it pinned up in my local store and then saw a few reviews online which led me to you!

        I noticed Flight down the side of your screen, the two books I left at home actually (I’m at university)…so I can’t go find you in them. I’ll settle for watching you on dA 😀

  2. oh actually i’ve seen the online previews… i guess i’m thinking you always need to read the physical book to get a real feel of it 🙂

    are you in art school? :p

  3. Hey!

    Your covers for Pride and Prejudice are soooo great!!!!
    Lizzy is so well done, it’s so her! everything is just so good!
    Hope to see more of your talent with this story!
    I’ve seen the online previews of the comic by M.Hugo, and I much more prefer your work!
    Wish you had done the whole comic !!!!

    The version of the film with Keira Knightley is good (for the impressionist way of expressing feelings), and the version of the BBC with Colin Firth is good as well (it’s more faithful about the book).

    PS: I’m french so excuse me if i’m not writing english very well.

  4. Thank you for the link!
    Malinky Robot will be my next purchase!

    Yeah I have seen you at the Salon du Livre in Paris, and I have bought Wonderland (the signing you have done on it is so great ^^!)
    I ADORE this book ^^!

    Thanks for all your work!

    1. oh i see 🙂 thanks for the support, glad you liked wonderland… we might be putting out a french version of the book if we can work things out with disney :p

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