WIP of a painting for a show together with my friend Koh Hong Teng in September at Mulan Gallery… oil on 2 canvases size is about 72×116 inches i think … you kinda have to be from singapore to know what its about (and maybe not even then :p)



  1. Hello!

    I find this painting quite well done !
    Really love that!
    Will you paint other pieces for the show?

    Good luck with this exhibit!

  2. heh yeah partly cos they didn’t have anything bigger in the store, but also maybe it creates some kind of interesting effect on separate canvases :p

  3. Looking forward to the final piece. Why did you opt to omit the last word in the famous line :p That line has come up in so many sources w/o any formal slap on the hand, I think you’d be alright!

      1. Hi!

        I thought you omitted the word because there had been some doubt originally about whether he had said “hum” (cockles) or “hiam” (chilli) – neither of which make sense, of course.

        I was curious about the significance (or lack of it) of his holding two pairs of chopsticks. Is there any?

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