Malinky Robot stuff

Some updates on the French edition:

Over at Wartmag, its been listed as a top 5 scifi comic for the first half of 2009 (, i think its been shortlisted for the sci-fi comic award (not sure if its the final shortlist) at the Nantes Science Fiction Festival and here’s a rather odd interview from a couple of months back from Un Monde de Bulles... odd cos the interviewer and translator were talking simultaneously and you had to listen to the translator whilst making eye contact with the interviewer :p



  1. hey sonny, saw the interview and yea it was really strange and funny, especially when u replied and the guy nods and appears to understand what u’re saying.

    but it’s great malinky robot is so well-received in France. Congrats! 🙂

    1. sigh…. supposedly the results will be out on 7 july but i didn’t get any reply at all. so i guess i didn’t get into ignite 😦

      oh well, try harder next time. haha
      anyway i posted the submission work i did on my deviantart account, so maybe u can check it out and leave some comments/critiques? thanks!

      1. heya i thought page 2 with the lionseals was the strongest of the lot in terms of line work and tone… the rest had some issues like the last panel on 03 (anatomy) and panel 3 on 05 (composition and tones makes foreground bicycle hard to discern)… might consider experimenting with pen brushes or brushes – gives the line work more variation. the pencilled pages had some intersecting line issues (eg on 004 top right the way the horn and the man’s arm seems to join together).. plus no need to shade all the black areas in – can use crosses (x) to indicate… the dc guide ( is not bad and in the adm library 🙂

        1. i think main thing to remember (for pencils) is to look as the page as a whole and see how the elements interact, rather than individual panels in isolation… 🙂

    1. hiya andre… there was only the one book released by SLG plus a self-published one nefore that, besides the stories in flight… the french collection was a compilation of all of those… my agent’s putting a pitch for an english one though, so fingers crossed…. there’s also a new longform GN in the works somewhere :p

      1. I think I do have those issues anyway 🙂 I would still get it collected though cause Im sure there would be extra stuff and I really like the design.

        Guess no big cons coming up for you, I just read further in your blog that you like to avoid those.

        I saw there you also blew out your achilles! Holy cow. I’ve blown out both my ankles playing footie in the past five years. I still get out and play almost every week but does it ever hurt like a bitch afterward.

        1. eh there must be some mistake… i always enjoy SDCC and will be heading there in july (Booth #2329)… i wonder what i really meant in the blog :p

          yeah the achilles tendon thing was the most serious injury i’ve had – still a couple of months away from playing footie again :s

          anyway seeya at SDCC if your going too 🙂

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