1. i will be going there,so you wanna give me a free copy of liquid city?I am a short 13 year old with spectacles and quite skinny,i will tell you my name is shannon teoh,i beg u,i am a very poor comic fan.i love flight!its the one in suntec city right?

  2. I’ll be there on saturday though actually i wanted to go today,but my school work is too much.A comic art genious like you is sure benovelent enough to give a poor despised 13-year old a free copy of liquid city.Please,when i go you recognise me when i say”chinese people know kung fu”

  3. hey i met you and you did not give me liquid city!!aiya,at least u giv me the book with your signature la,next time i will smoke and i tell my parents your comic books inspire me to be a heavy smoker!!!

    1. haha nice to meet you too shannon, i really thought it was someone trying to play a prank :p don’t smoke la, watch Russell Crowe in ” The Insider” and you’ll see that cigarette makers are like the Evil Empire in Star Wars 🙂

      1. those are too hard for a comic!even with the guiding lines,i still dont know how it works,all comic tutorial has it!

  4. sad there was no wonderland at the con since i oredy got secret robot factory last time, only managed to get malinky robot…

    wanted to do short q&a for the sgcollect forums but u were super busy…

    1. why robots? 🙂
    2. i asked troy the question about the local scene on comics, what do you feel is the feeling about local creators, like troy & yourself, blazing the trail ahead, will the notion sustain, like the local music scene coming & going in waves….will the enthusiasm be sustained?
    3. with this year’s slightly improved singapore con, was there better exposure and support from the local comic community of readers…i was a skptic too at first so is it like “a prophet is never welcome in his own town”
    4. my fren noticed that comic artists are generally humble folk, you, brian bolland & tan eng huat all, did you managed to get a chance to chat, we should get more Q&A sessions like san diego…

    ok will leave you with these questions to answer, i will get ready for next year’s con by buying ur books first….so wont be disappointed…
    thanks 🙂

    1. heya wernu

      yeah should have notified kino earlier cos they could have ordered more stock for stgcc… but it was right after san diego so everything was a bit rushed :p

      as for the Qs, lets see…

      1. robots… i think are inherently fascinating… the whole idea that man can create objects that move and do things, with the added question of if and when they achieve sentience… plus for illustrations there are so many design possibilities, in terms of materials used, the shape of the robots, how the joints are articulated. also great as metaphors in stories, kinda the same way zombies can be :p

      2. i think its probably going to grow with time, especially if the singaporean economy holds up 🙂 i think if you look at me and troy but of what made it possible for us to do comics was relatively secure financial backgrounds, and i think as the local economy matures and more people have the means to take risks in career choices (or indeed as the arts scene gets more mature and viable) we’ll see more people getting involved in the creative industries, comics included.

      3. hmm not sure about that, there was definitely a better artist alley presence this year, and the bigger space meant it wasn’t crammed like sardines, but i thought the comic fan presence wasn’t that different from last years….

      4. i did think that they should have tried to organise more panels and workshops, beyond the expensive one they did with eric khoo etc; get guys like otto fong and troy chin to talk about comics, get some media coverage… but that’s where we can all give feedback to organisers for the future 🙂 there was a post-stgcc dinner thing with brian bolland but i was kinda too star struck to do anything more than gush :p as for humble-ness… heh dunno la i think there are all sorts of comic artists out there, maybe the sample from stgcc isn’t really big enough to judge from :p

  5. haha yeah i dint know what to say to Mr Bolland, i thanked him twice during the course of the convention for coming haha,

    yeah dun talk to me about Eric Khoo, i had a brush with him once, he kinda ignored us, i wouldn’t pay money to watch his movies,

    anyway you can check out the sgcollect i basically just cut & paste from ur site and posted a link haha

    1. heh cool thanks! there must be lots of typos in there though! eric khoo i’m a bit conflicted about… i’m sure he’s a passionate film maker but can’t quite see why he’s so obsessed with making movies about heartlanders and pp on the fringes; would be much more interesting for the rest of us to see him make movies about the lives of the milieu he was born into; the rich upper classes portrayed in an sensitive light (not that masters of the sea/red thread nonsense).. well maybe something he’ll do in the future :p

    1. Only had 6 copies cos we couldn’t get any stock from Kino (they were low on stocks too and wanted to keep them for the sales period…)… so sold out on friday unfortunately :p

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