Lucky Plazas

Will be having an art exhibition at Mulan Gallery from 5 Sept to 25 Sept 2009. Its located at Tanglin Shopping Centre; for directions go here. According to their press release…

“‘Lucky Plazas’, a two‐man show at Mulan Gallery, presents the works of noted comic illustrators and artists Sonny Liew and Koh Hong Teng, in a reflective mood, exploring aspects of their homeland, Singapore. While offering narratives that grapple with Singaporean issues that are both subtle and deep, both artists also present engaging visuals that proliferate with minute observations.”
There’s also a Singapore Art Gallery Guide review here, somewhere down the middle :p


  1. i found a better book on perspective in kinokuniya!Its called vanishing point and it teaches clearly 1-point ,2-point and 3-point perspective and it is also the 1st book to teach 4-point and 5-point curvilinear perspective!

    1. cool! is it the one by jason cheeseman-Meyer? not sure if there are good/worse books in perspective though (unless they contain technical errors) – to some extent it about finding the right book that explains it the right way to us as individuals 🙂

    1. heh its tied into the rest of the themes in the painting – disjunction between public and private selves… not too big a fan of authorial intention in these cases, i think your own conclusions are the best ones! 🙂

  2. Went to the show yesterday and I must say I super love your LKY piece!! It was so damn funny and politically astute that I had a good laugh when I looked at it ha, really love it but no guts to buy it heh :P, save up for your future robot piece instead ;). When is Part 3 coming out?

    1. Must show us leh heh heh, your theme forms a good triptych, I see the 1st 2 then know that there must be a third to complete it ha.

      And finally I got to see the Boo Moo in person man…the actual thing looks so so much better than the photos heh and SO BIG!….Dun think the photos took the texture of the strokes and certain colour tones well…

      Any plans to do an artbook of your oils? I for one would be an very interested buyer 😀

      1. heh well spotted on the triptych 🙂 yeah its hard to get a good pic of paintings – if you look at online pics or even art books of a lot of paintings the quality of the reproduction can really vary . a good one would need a proper set up of polarised lights etc which can be pricey :p

        so plans for a book of robot paintings but all very nascent at the moment :p

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