Bucket Lists

One advantage of being a Causeway Child, you get to be both Singaporean and Malaysian :p  Though not speaking much Malay I’ve been told by Malaysian  immigration authorities i should throw my  passport away, and by Singaporean ones to ‘go back to your country’ when I inadvertently entered Malaysia with an expired passport and tried to travel back to the little red dot :p So maybe its still neither here nor there… Anyhow a couple of lists that kinda blow things  out of proportion….

The Singapore Hotlist



  1. Omg this is hilarious! And it’s not the first time Singapore has “laid claim” to you! It’s the equivalent of a overbearing aunty who’ll make herself out to be the godmother of some lawyer, doctor-type son of a friend’s for her own benefit just to make herself look good and feel good!

    Or it’s just irresponsible journalism hahaha…

    Whichever the case, feel flattered that countries are falling over themselves to include you in their roster! 🙂

  2. Haha,seems like talent in singapore mostly originate from overseas!!!My father is from malaysia and lives in singapore but doesnt like it

    1. hmm well the world is a very global place in many ways… take for example zinedine zidane and patrick viera, two football players usually thought of as french; but zidane is also Algerian, and viera was born in Senegal :p

      1. Ya,but the problem is singapore is too small to have talents so we depend on our government and overseas talents like you,you are considered a talent.

        Hey i added you in devianart,my name is planetplant

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