rabbit redux

Did a painted version of the wonderland cover, mostly for the French edition that’s due out next year. Oil on canvas, 30×40 inches.  It was also a chance to see if I could replicate in traditional media a piece that was coloured digitally before, and whether it was a process that I’d enjoy. Mixed feelings ultimately I guess; on the one hand it was an interesting challenge somewhat simplified by having an original to refer to , but that also meant a kind of constraint, so maybe there wasn’t as much a process of discovery and figuring things out as there usually is when painting.

DVDs watched whilst painting: season 1 of Battlestar Galactica (Edward James Olmos is great, mixed feelings about the religious angle) and seasons 2-3 of the Wire. Which felt a lot like the brilliant  Homicide Life on the Streets, which totally made sense when I found out that Homicide was based on a book by the creator of the Wire :p


    1. hmm.. well i guess its an interesting departure from humanism of Star Trek and the vague mysticism in Star Wars. As an examination of humanity on the brink prob needs to include religious element, though the scale of it is abit disconcerting in a sci fi show :p

    1. thanks sean 🙂 haha i like House but it makes my dad miffed cos he’s a doctor and he says they always ignore the obvious solutions until some crisis happnes :p

  1. yea the religious angle gets a bit questionable after awhile, but do enjoy the rest of the series 🙂 the brilliance of the new BSG is not in the plot but in the character developments and the “everyone is screwed up, even the good guys” writing heh…

    remember event horizon? That was one of the first times they introduced the religious angle in sci-fi

    nice replication btw, can imagine how difficult it must have been trying to do a duplicate without the benefit of digital goodness! ;p

  2. hi!

    Really great to see that there will be a french edition of Wonderland !!! Will it be released for Angouleme? Will you come there?

    Thanks anyway for your work ^^ !

    1. Its out late march, see the trailer here 🙂

      No plans for Angouleme, but probably a trip to Paris in October/November for an art exhibition at the Daniel Maghen Gallery :p

    1. thanks for the kind words Johna 🙂 not sure bout the price – i think it’ll be either at an art auction or show in paris early next year… do sign up for email subscriptions if you’d like updates 🙂

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