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Diary of an Eccentric


and this was on ComiXtreme before the site revamp :p

“Sense & Sensibility #1 (Marvel Comics) By Jane Austen, Nacy Butler, Sonny Liew Sotocolor & Joe Sabino The Dashwood ladies have it rough. Their father has passed on and left the estate entirely to their only brother, John. The house is now run by John’s harridan of a wife, Fanny, and increasingly it seems there is little place for the Dashwood ladies in her demesnes. To complicate matters, Fanny’s eldest brother Edward seems to be courting the eldest Dashwood daughter, Elinor. Sense & Sensibility is a comic/tragic/comedy of what occurs when strong personalities clash and quieter personalities get swept up in the fervour. This is an excellent comic book. The dialogue sparkles and vast amounts of plot are covered in the space of 22 pages with few seeming abridgments. Each few pages presents a new discrete scene. But the true star herein is Sonny Liew’s art. He veers between a fairly intricate detailed style to cartoony caricatures depending on the needs of the scene. There is little action to portray, but Sonny poses the characters as in mid movement and shows a lot of character in their faces. Rating: 4.5/5 –Todd Dyck”



      1. Ok. I’ll take a look to it! In any case, I will comment about your work in our forum and site…if we finally update it! I really like the sensibility you have used to draw the story :), keep your nice work!

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