The 3rd Singapore Toys Games and Comic Con (STGCC) is coming this weekend, organised for the first time by Reed Exhibitions, who I think are also behind the New York Comic Con. There’ll be lots of Singaporean and Malaysian Comics creators there at various booths, some of us have pitched in together to do up a guide to which ones 🙂 You can see/download a PDF of it here. The Liquid City Booth is at G26.

We’ll be holding a Lucky Draw at STGCC, with Original Art, prints and other prizes to be won; just collect the autographs of the comics creators listed in the brochure; Draws will be conducted at 8PM on
Friday and Saturday , and 7pm on Sunday at the Liquid City  Booth (G26). So do go come to the event, and buy books from everyone from Dave Chua and Koh Hong Teng, Drewscape, Ken Foo, Troy Chin, Stickgal, JC Wong, Shawn Yap and many more!

The amazing Tan Eng Huat and myself will also be on the so-called Walk fo Fame thing at these times:

Saturday, 11 December 1100 – 1145hrs
Sunday, 12 December 1730 – 1800hrs

What else…. a whole bunch of panels (all held at the Panel Room (Level 4, Halls 401 – 402)), including the below:

(Saturday 11 Dec | Time: 1230 – 1315 hrs)

Local: Asian Identity in comics in the midst of Manga and Superheroes

Panelists: Tan Eng Huat, Sonny Liew, Otto Fong, Lim Cheng Tju
(Saturday 11 Dec | Time: 1400 – 1445 hrs)

MARVEL – East in West: The appeal of Asian elements in Western comics

Panelists: Alex Maleev, Leinil Yu, Esad Ribic, Sonny Liew, Harvey Tolibao, Salvador Larroca, Giuseppe Camuncoli

(Sunday 12 Dec | Time: 1200 – 1245 hrs)

Merchandising of Comics into Toys

Panelists: Tan Eng Huat, Sonny Liew, Jason Siu, Tim Tsui

Last and very least indeed, I talk about somethings and others with CNNgo here.


  1. Wow! So many amazing artists!! Can’t wait to meet everyone there!

    Do we have to print the brochure or we can get it on the booth?

    Still a bit confuse about the lucky draw…
    Is that mean to be counted for the draw, the brochure must be submitted to the booth, and must contained exactly -all- of the mentioned artist’s signatures,? Will several, most of them, or at least one from each booth be enough to be counted?

    If I want to ask for autographs on my sketchbook (to keep, specially if there’s a sketch) will those counts, or do I have to ask again for a separate signatures specially on the brochure?

    Sorry for the many questions. ^^”

    1. there’ll be plenty of brochures at the event no need to print 🙂 autographs wise one artist from each of the listed ‘booths’ (some of them are actually different groups/artists at the same booth but if they’re listed separately would be considered separate) is enough – though to make things a bit trickier will have to get Tan Eng Huat’s signature as well, so a total of 12 🙂 as long as you have a sketch/signature somewhere will be enough, doesn’t have to be on the brochure! 🙂

      1. Awesome!
        I already plan to hunt for signatures before knowing this. XD This is like extra fun!
        Thanks for the reply, see you there!

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