With MM Lee Kuan Yew saying that voters in Aljunied would have “five years to live and repent” should the opposition win in that GRC, it rasies again the question of whether the PAP sees themselves as a Party or  the Government.

Party-centric policies would make statements like “You must expect the PAP to look after PAP constituencies first” more valid, but it seems to make more sense that an elected government has a responsibility to look after the entire country, rather than rewarding/punishing citizens for their excercising their right to choose. Or perhaps opposition ward residents could start paying taxes only to the party in charge there.

In any case, at least no ones getting charged with sex tapes and sodomy, people aren’t falling off buildings, and Michelle Bachmann‘s nowhere in sight.



  1. Brilliant cartoon. Good post about the political “collective punishment” that, like umno’s in Malaysia, will eventually turn out to be a scourge for their own backs. Collective self-abuse, in fact.

    1. heh yeah the PAP appears to be moving away from this idea as well… though the current hoohah over the AHPETC hawker stalls cleaning issues indicates the PAP is still a long way from accepting multi-party politics as a possible norm…

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