Sailor’s Moon

“Sailor’s Moon”  Oil on canvas, 160x100cm.

Finally completed i think – haven’t had the chance to work on this for the longest while.

It’s going to go up for auction in NYC later this year, check back for more details! :)

8 Responses to “Sailor’s Moon”

  1. I appreciate that it’s sexy without trying to be.
    I prefer when it’s incidental rather than characters hips swaying or the camera focusing on certain areas.

    • thanks! there is compositional focus, but yeah, never been the biggest fan of sci fi/fantasy art where its over sexualised, even though some of it is technically brilliant…

      • Yeah when I said focus, I meant like zooming in, or having the wind blow from under… and all sorts of other contrivances to draw the reader’s eye.

        It seems like a natural result of the events taking place.

  2. […] “Sailor’s Moon” was sold at an auction at New York Sothebys sometime last month, at Departures Asia Now, a Contemporary Asian Art auction organised by the Asia Society (NYC) and American Express Worldwide. […]

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