Five Blams!

Malinky Robot gets a 5 out of 5 Blam Rating from Eric Whitman at The Daily Blam!

Eric’s Image Comics Reviews: Malinky Robot, Deadlands: Death was Silent, Samurai’s Blood #3, & All Nighter #3

Malinky Robot is a thing of beauty that may go under-appreciated due to its lack of a cohesive narrative between its four parts, which in turn is also the only criticism that can be levied at this otherwise excellent work. It is still an excellent example of what gives comics relevance as a one-of-a -kind artform.

And over at, Drew McCabe says that the book ” is wonderful to look at and is graphically detailed in its dirty yet dream-like reality, but the more impressive parts are the moments of heart he brings to his stories, and the innocence these two street kids have against the backdrop of this city.

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays: Gil Jordan, Monster, Malinky Robot and Iron Man!

Malinky Robot arrives in stores on Aug 24! 🙂

Visit the FB page meanwhile! robot



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