Singapore Toy Games and Comic Con 2011

Last year’s STGCC was a transitional one ; Reed Exhibition (who also run the New York Comic Con)  took over the event from Play Imaginative, and, as had been planned since STGCC’s inception, there was a move towards charging for entry for the first time. It turned out to be a deterrent for some/many, and attendance seemed to plummet, especially on Sunday – the feel of a ghost town at times.  So there were all sorts of qualms when STGCC 2011 started rolling around.

The event had been shifted from December (in 2010) back to August, and a lot of local creators were caught off guard, with their new titles not ready for that date. Coupled with other concerns (a shortened event, for example, down from three to two days), it meant many did not opt for a booth at this year’s event.Would everyone get drowned out by the Computer Games Booth again? Were ticket prices going to be re-adjusted?

So worries all round; but Reed proved ready and willing to listen to feedback from all concerned – fans, creators, retailers – to try and figure out how to make STGCC work. Some things were doable (making the Artist Alley and Alley again, rather than the initially planned laid out, best described as an Artist Circumference), others not (getting Hong Kong and Taiwanese Guests in); but overrall it was clear that Peter Tatara, Hui Leng and others at Reed were trying their damnest.

There’ll still be gripes I guess, but STGCC 2011 felt  like it was starting to take shape. It’s a convention still trying to find its voice, balancing out toys/games/comics, catering to Western comics and Mange/Anime fans, and  sheer distance and costs means  its always going to be tricky getting too many US based creators; but they’re giving it a go, and I think 2012 will see better things yet 🙂

Thanks anyway to all those who came to the show, those who bought some Malinky Robot comics; sorry if mostly only remember faces and hardly ever names :p

Some pictures from the event below:


Though the truth, I guess, is: its always a transition, one thing to another; that’s how it is, with this mortal coil.


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