There’s an interview in today’s edition of Malaysia’s The Star newspaper. Get a copy if you’re in Malaysialand, otherwise click on the link below :p


Progress of a Comic Artist

Worlds of Wonder by Elizabeth Tai

Malaysian-born, Singapore-based graphic novelist Sonny Liew talks about his career in comics.

A SERIES of breaks and youthful enthusiasm. That’s how Eisner-nominated comic artist Sonny Liew said he got his break in the unpredictable and highly competitive world of comics.

“When I was younger, I had this ridiculous self-belief that I would make it somehow. I can’t really explain it. Call it youthful exuberance, perhaps. I felt that I had something to contribute to comics” said Liew via telephone recently.

Malaysia-born Liew, 37, is currently based in Singapore where he has resided since he was in kindergarten. (His parents still live in Seremban.) He has worked for big names in the comic industry, such as DC Vertigo, Marvel, Disney and SLG. And among his published works are Malinky Robot, Wonderland, My Faith In Frankie, and Marvel Comic’s adaptation of Sense & Sensibility (cont…)

Star online articles seem to get taken down after a while, so here’s another link for the future :p




  1. So the answer to the question “What can you do with a degree in philosophy?” is “Become a successful comics artists”.


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