Malinky Review in the Business Times

Review of Malinky Robot by Christoper Lim in today’s Business Times 🙂

Rating A!

The stories swing between charmingly intriguing and unexpectedly disturbing… [b]y the time you turn the last page of Malinky Robot, an unlikely transformation has occured. Atari and Oliver aren’t conventionally lovable… [b]ut it’s hard not to warm to them becasue, though amoral, they are never malicious. Atari is a cyberpunk free spirit, grown-up before his time but still capable of wonder and simple contentment.

Online link won’t be viewable for non BT subscribers till after 6pm…. :p

Get the book from Kinokuniya, Planerds @Somerset313 or Amazon! 🙂



  1. Sorry to everyone about BT Online’s current paywall system, which lifts 6pm daily but goes back up in the wee hours of the morning when the next day’s paper goes live. We’re in the midst of tweaking our website and its subscription policies so please stay tuned for some major updates in the coming months. We launched BT Weekend (our Saturday issue) for Apple’s iPad last week (, and while that doesn’t cover our Friday paper (nor the other weekday issues), we hope to get our weekday editions on the iPad and iPhone real soon.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reviewing Malinky Robot. It blends whimsical humour with real heart, and offers loads of beautiful eye candy. A real keeper.

  2. Thanks for the additional info on the paywall stuff, chris. Everyone’s still trying to figure out how to make newspaper’s financially viable in this digital age! 🙂

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