Month: October 2011

Malinky Review in the Business Times

Review of Malinky Robot by Christoper Lim in today’s Business Times 🙂

Rating A!

The stories swing between charmingly intriguing and unexpectedly disturbing… [b]y the time you turn the last page of Malinky Robot, an unlikely transformation has occured. Atari and Oliver aren’t conventionally lovable… [b]ut it’s hard not to warm to them becasue, though amoral, they are never malicious. Atari is a cyberpunk free spirit, grown-up before his time but still capable of wonder and simple contentment.

Online link won’t be viewable for non BT subscribers till after 6pm…. :p

Get the book from Kinokuniya, Planerds @Somerset313 or Amazon! 🙂

Exhibition at Fusionpolis

Will be giving some sort of talk at Fusionpolis on Oct 8. There’ll be an exhibition too, including some older Robot paintings like…

… Chinese People Know Kung Fu!

…and “Portfole (fork it!)”

Plus some original comic artwork as well, so do drop by! 🙂

Some Kinda Talk: Oct 8, 2-3pm

Exhibition hours: 9am to 7pm(Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday). October 8-16, 2011

Location: Fusionopolis (Connexis)
1 Fusionopolis Way
Singapore 138632

52 You Want

Joe Keatinge‘s list of 52 Comics you might want to try inclues Malinky Robot 🙂

44) MALINKY ROBOT, written & illustrated by Sonny Liew, Image Comics
I talk about World Comics a lot – the theory Paul Pope put out there about styles from around the world converging in the upcoming generation of cartoonists as the availability of world wide works increases. There’s not a lot of other cartoonists who embody this more than the Singapore-based Sonny Liew, whose work seems to transcend their cyberpunk roots and go in a completely unique direction. Like a few others I’ve mentioned, Liew’s current work makes me excited for the medium’s future and specifically where he’ll be taking it from here.”