Frankly Mr Shankly

There’s a new Frank OCBC branch opening up at Singapore Poly, did a wall mural for, well, the wall.

Not quite what I had in mind at the beginning of the project, here’s how the design evolved:

The initial idea was to do a short comic playing with movie genres and tropes. From horror…

…to sci-fi…


… to superheroes and heist movies…

My favourite though, was this one, which I thought had a nice air of mystery and macguffins about it…

As an afterthought I threw in this in as well…  which turned out to be the one they went for :p

This was the initial sketch… the main protagonist looked a little too slovenly…

… so he became a bit more Chinese Propaganda Poster heroic. The text needed changing too, some younger people in the crowd required, so eventually it morphed into the final version.

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