Blade Running

Blade Runner 12 web

Watching Blade Runner (yet again) on DVD, it always feels like every other new sci-fi movie tries to capture some of its atmosphere. From the Total Recall re-make, to Looper, your Judge Dredds and second-generation Star Wars… For all the advances in digital techonology though, none of them have really come close to getting that feel of rain puddles, neon lights and wandering crowds right.  Part of it might just how loose Blade Runner feels. That’s maybe why its initial box office reception wasn’t great, and it’s definitely not a streamlined story, unfolding instead both like a dream and documentary.

The scenes of the city, the Vangelis music… they feel like moments of observation, rather than scenes meant to drive the story forward, or of Establishing Shots. A confluence somehow of Ridley Scott at a particular time in his career, Vangelis, Syd Mead, Harrison Ford etc – produced something that felt organic and real, a movie whose plot  you felt you were understanding the way you understand real life – piecing together disparate information to form a narrartive, rather than absorbing a scripted story.

Reading books by Truby etc, with their story structural plannings and edifices, I’m wondering how to retain that sense of atmophere whilst keeping things organised and coherent in narratives….


  1. Really strange, as I’ve been going through the Blu-ray the last two weeks (starting on a sick day) as it’s one of my favorite visual treats.

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