Recession Comics


During my research for the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, I came across (pg 169) in the NHB/National Archives’s “The Second Decade: Nation Building in Progress 1975-1985” a rather curious excerpt from the Straits Times, March 26-27 , 1986 – a comic entitled “Recession & You“. (there’s an online version here:

The image in the book itself was too small and low res to read, so I got microfilm versions from the library:



Some curiosities:

1. The wild, unabashed materialism. “What color Mercedes are we buying? I can’t wait to go to Europe. I want a Lego set!”

2. The prominence given to BG Lee Hsien Loong

3. National stereotypes agogo (Japanese people say “AH SO!”)

I do wonder who the artist(s), Uranium, is though! 🙂

Plus a forum writer’s reaction:




  1. This makes me think of a manga distributed in connection to the Japanese refund system. (They distributed free checks or something to boost the consumption.)

    The whole family went hyper with ideas on what to buy, and the father just cheerfully replied -“Okay! Okay!” to each whim. The whole thing felt ripe for an ironic take-off.

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