Shadow Hero: The Backgrounds Strike Back


The Shadow Hero is out today in e-format, available from Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Nobles! 🙂


We used 1930s San Francisco as our main visual guide for the story, with locales ranging from provision shops to casinos, police stations to restaurants. A lot of visual reference was required, and aside from buying as many books of 1930s Chinatowns as I could get my hands on, there was of course the internet.

Below is a sample of the collated pictures! (Click on it for a slightly larger version)


See if you can match any of the images used to panels from the book!

(No prizes unfortunately, besides the quiet satisfaction of being just a little sastified :p)


Here meanwhile is another character sketch. Hank is on the lower tier, but who’s the old fellow with the moustache? Find out in… The Shadow Hero! 🙂

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