Hong Kong

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A trip to Hong Kong for the HK Literary Festival 2014.

Got a chance to visit  the Occupy Hong Kong site – which I’m told is a pale shadow of what it was at the height of the protests. But for someone from Singapore, where just about all civic protest obeys carefully circumscribed boundaries at Hong Lim Park, it was still an eye opener – a sight to behold even in these fading days.


The school visits – to the Chinese International School, Hong Kong University Graduates Association College and Singapore International School, were interesting too – with apologies to all the students who had to sit through the talks; hope it was just a little bit informative and not too painful :p


Here’s my dad and me with the Floating Restaurant in the background – which was the inspiration for the Underground Casino in the Shadow Hero 🙂

For more photos of the trip, from Ghost Guru Boardgames to Cat Spotting:

FB Photo Album Link

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