The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye was named several times in Singapore Poetry‘s My Book of the Year 2015 selections :p

My Book of the Year 2015

It is complex, brilliant and so edgy. Bold and creative. The visuals are stunning and powerful. A phenomenal accomplishment.” – Lydia Kwa, novelist and poet.

My book of the year, no question, is Sonny Liew’s The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye. Gustave Flaubert once said that writing history is like drinking an ocean and pissing a cupful. Sonny Liew drank an ocean and pissed vintage champagne. Charlie Chan, amazingly, might be the only non-academic book to accurately depict Singapore history. But more importantly, historians often fail to capture the emotion, the feelings, the spirit surrounding history. Liew captured all of that in his art. It’s truly a remarkable work.” – P. J. Thum, historian

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye by Sonny Liew pulls off the improbable feat — imbuing the modern history of Singapore with such artistry and revisionist imagination that it makes reassessing our past urgent and pressing. Perhaps its greatest achievement is to dare the reader to dream of an alternative future and even long for it. – William Phuan, arts administrator.

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The Shadow Hero has made several best of lists of late, including…

1. NPR’s Best Books of 2014

2. Salon’s 10 Spectacular GN of 2014

3. Washington Post’s Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2014

4. Amazon’s Best Books of 2014

5. The Goodreads Choice Awards 2014 (vote now! :p)

And there’s exciting news on The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye pending soon too!


I haven’t had a chance to read too many new comics this year, but Beautiful Darkness by Vehlmann & Kerascoet did stick in the mind with its combination of childrens book illustrations and dark, dark deeds.

Favourite movie of 2014 is a tossup between Edge of Tomorrow and Boyhood, though Koreeeda’s I Wish on DVD was excellent too.

And then there was the belated discovery of Adventure Time :p



The Shadow Hero makes the Amazon Selection for Best Books 2014! (Graphic Novels category)

It’s also on the Goodreads list that you can vote on if you feel so-inclined :p

The Edge of Tomorrow meanwhile remains my fave blockbuster of 2014 – with Boyhood the best movie overall :p

Spectrumed 2.0

The page above from Malinky Robot is one of five pieces shortlisted in this year’s Spectrum Fantastic Art Award  in the Comics category!

I’ve always wondered about the selection process, and it looks like it involves a lot of paper cups and maybe some sort of shell game from the pictures on the Spectrum website :p

Here’s a nice write up in Here Be Geeks:

Malinky Robot may be available at a comic/book store near you, or you can try Amazon or the Book Depository, as well as on Comixology 🙂

Check out the Facebook page too if you’re keen!

Meanwhile here’s a recent review of Wonderland 🙂




Robot 6, Malinky Robot and Amazons!

Malinky Robot is now up for pre-orders on Amazon!

Pre-Order Malinky Robot on Amazon

There’s also a Q n A at Comic Book Resource’s Robot 6, with more typoes from me than you can shake a stick at :p

Pre-orders also available at the Book Depository: