andrew cheverton

Last Tidings

Near year’s end, Andrew Cheverton names Malinky Robot as one of his Best of the Year Titles on the Forbidden Planet International Blog.

Image put out a beautiful collection of Sonny Liew’s Malinky Robot comics, which are a delightful fusion of manga and European comics set in a steampunk near-future. The original comics are lovely, but the speech balloons (like the art) were pencils only, so it was nice to reread the stories with better lettering. Imagine the cast of Peanuts living in a video game. Malinky Robot is a bit like that, but so much more.”

And from further back, an old Panel2Panel podcast has a review of the same book from Grant who compares it to the incredible Shaun Tan, starting from 32:05

… incredibly expressive, pastel coloured,  pencil sketchy [and] intricate artwork… a really, really fun book.”

Get a copy today! 🙂