Pinup City


Here’s Robb Mommaert‘s Shadow Hero pinup! What a doozy!

Robb did a fantastic Malinky Robot one for the “Collected Stories and Other Bits” collection a while back too 🙂


At CBR, Caleb Mozzocco says that The Shadow Hero is “a must-read, and a contender for one of the best comics of the year.


And here’s Jonathan Hills snazzy Pinup!! As Jonathan says: “if you’re lucky enough to be in San Diego, go straight to the source and buy it from Gene Luen Yang at the First Second table at #1323” :p

Robot 6, Malinky Robot and Amazons!

Malinky Robot is now up for pre-orders on Amazon!

Pre-Order Malinky Robot on Amazon

There’s also a Q n A at Comic Book Resource’s Robot 6, with more typoes from me than you can shake a stick at :p


Pre-orders also available at the Book Depository: