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The Kindness of Strangers

A bunch of very kind reviews…first off its Felicity Gustafson over at Comics Bulletin

Who writes that Malinky Robot is “…quite possibly the most charming set of comics that I have ever read…a fantastic combination of urban fantasy and childlike wonder packed in a box of adventure …Atari and Oliver are fantastically written, lovable kids [and the] artwork was just astounding.” (5/5)

Over at Newsarama‘s Best Shot Extra, Wendy Holler says that “Malinky Robot is the real deal, the kind of book that should go not just on the must-buy list, but on the must-buy-for-friends list…[it] reads like something you’ve known all your life and also are seeing for the first time… a story of gentle tragedy, a near-future sci-fi comic with heart, a buddy story with an impressive supporting cast. The design is brilliant, and the storytelling is resonant in all the best ways.” (9/10)

Thom Atkinson of The Skinny Blog adds that “Malinky Robot: Collected Stories & Other Bits is an indie delight… Whimsical yet infused with failed futurism, this title is a truly unique read.

And at Dave’s Comic Blog, Malinky Robot is “ buzz worthy ” and “…Liew has a lovely delicate style to his art so that what could look quite bleak instead feels more playful. And that’s the point it seems: in times of hardship you have to go looking for your own merriment.

Thanks to all for the positive words, really does mean a lot 🙂