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How to Draw an Asian


It’s July 15 here in Singapore, but not quite yet in the USA, so the Shadow Hero is not quite out yet, but just hours away!

In the meanwhile here’s a piece for Diversity in YA, about drawing Asian characters in comics :p


Cartooning often relies on visual shorthands and exaggerations, so it’s a easy slide into racist caricatures, even if the intention might be to  make identification easier. Not always an easy line to thread, but awareness of the issue is probably the first step towards any sort of solution.

Anyway, more reviews if the Shadow Hero below!

It’s one of Publisher Weekly‘s Books of the Week!

Estella says it’s “a great mix of humor… and weighty issues.

Jodi Scarfe at Fanboy Comics calls it an “exceptional series“!

And here’s Zack Smith chatting with Gene on Newasrama! 🙂