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The Shadow Hero #3


The third digital issue of Shadow Hero is out! 🙂

Written by Gene Yang (who recently won the LA Times Book Award for Young Adult Literature!) and drawn by myself, the published book is out in July but you can read the e-versions now! 🙂 Available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, or B&N Nook!


The visuals for interiors were always a little trickier to find then exteriors – most photographs from back in the day focus on shots of buildings rather than the rooms inside. Fortunate circumstances did lead to a good source though – I’d been in NYC for the comic con back in 2011, and took a trip to the Museum of the Chinese in America (, where Gene had artwork up as part of an exhibition of Chinese-American cartoonists (GB Tran was part of it too!)


Elsewhere in the exhibition there were a set of  photogrpahs of Chinatown interiors by a photographer called Robert Glick

IMG-20121017-05601 IMG-20121017-05602

When I got back to Singapore, I looked him up on the interweb and found some really great photos:

They were taken in the 1980s, but that’s part of the appeal of the photos I guess – there’s a sense of time standing still, even if only for a little while.

Anyway, some reviews for Shadow Hero #3 below, thanks for all the kind words, all! 🙂

Comic Bastards



FanBoy Comics

Unleash The Fanboy


I was quite excited to see my name mentioned at the MOCA exhibition too! :p


And for everything else:


San Diego Comic Con 2011 in 30 Easy Steps Pt 2

Step 15: Live Long and Prosper. It’s my Dad and Sister’s  first ever  trip to SDCC! How will they survive the madness?

Step 16: Speaking of Madness. Finally got to see the Madman pinup I did for the Madman: All-New Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special in print.

Step 17: Catch the Last Flight. Ditto for the Malinky Robot story in Flight 8. Remember to buy your copy of the upcoming Malinky Robot TPB! :p

Step 18: Time Travel II. Single issues of Wonderland at the SLG booth.

Step 19: Hone your Spider Sense. Dad notices a Disturbance in the Force after absorbing some Spidey Strength.

Step 20: Pick Your Battles. Do you Thien Pham Thien Pham or Gene Yang Gene Yang? Better yet, buy their new book, Level Up! Still working on a project with Gene, out next year from First Second Books.

Step 21: Share Some Robot Love. T-shirt illustrations by Joanna Mulder. Who posed for some of James Jean’s Fable covers, I always like to point out.

Step 22: Blast the Past. With GB Tran and Joanna. I first met GB at my first SDCC when we were both waiting in line to get our portfolios reviewed. Last year he released a graphic memoir, Vietnamerica, published by Pantheon.

Step 23: Attend the Eisners. Some of the presenters and such: Lance Henriksen, who manged to pronounce just about every name wrong; Joyce Brabner and Danielle collecting an award for Harvey Pekar; Jonathan Ross and Dave Gibbons hamming it up. Watch Liquid City not win and my name get mangled below! :p

Step 24: Visit the Casbah. Joe Keatinge and Mike Allred after The Gear’s first performance at Trickster. Having only ever known Mike as the creator of Madman, I was somewhat flummoxed by how excellent he was on the vocals and guitar :p

Step 25: Get a Scoop. Joe shared artwork Frank Cho did for their new title Brutal before the official SDCC annoucement!

Step 26: Draw a Blank. Sis posing with two Ugly Dolls, can’t really think of anything to add :p

Step 27: Join the Dark Side. Actually they were probably only Following Orders. Dad with Boba Fett and a Tie Fighter Pilot!

Step 28: Count Your Swag. Stuff from SDCC and other places. Looking forward to reading the new Jirio Taniguchi collection most of all! 🙂

Step 29: Let it Slide. No Step 30? This Cat is totally cool with that 🙂