For those wondering about Money and Comics, this is a pretty good guide:

The gist of it:

(caveat: the rates I think can go up much higher for the really big names :p)

1. Mainstream comics (Marvel, DC, Darkhorse)

Pencil Page Rates: US$ 100-250
Inking Page Rates: US $ 75-200
Painted Art: US$300-400
Cover Art: +20%

eg: “A pencil artist would earn from $2,400 to $6,250 for a 24-page issue of a comic book.”

Note that the rates are cumulative, so if an artist both pencilled and inked a comic, he/she would recieve, say, US$200 (pencils) plus US$150 (inks)  for a total of US$350 per page.

2. Independent Comics (Fantagraphics, Top Shelf Productions)

Book Publishing Model, Advance against royalites.

Typical rates:
8 percent of the cover price up to 5,000 units sold
10 percent of the cover price paid for sales above 5,000.
eg: 24-page comic book retailing for $3 with sales of 10,000, the artist would earn $3,000.

3. Freelance Comics Illustration

Advertising and editorial comic illustration earn top project rates.

eg: “Comic book artists such as Robert Crumb and Bill Griffith earn from $1,000 to $1,700 to create a page of comics for the New Yorker magazine. Top comic strip artist Lloyd Dangle earned $4,000 for a two-page project advertising a shaving product.”

4. Self-Publishers

Self-publishers shoulder the risks of publishing, but may do well if their book sells.”

From cover price, deduct printing costs. Distributor typically pays 40% of cover price. (Other sources indicate that 60% of Cover Price goes to Distributors and Book Stores (typically 20-25 % for Distributors, 35-40% for Bookstores)

eg: With a  $10 cover price book that $2 per book to print “… With sales of 1,000 books, the artist would make $2,000.”

The Image Comics publishing model is close to the Self-Publishing one; Image stumps up the cash for printing and marketing/promotion, but the creators don’t recieve income till those costs are covered, along with a flat fee of about US$2500. An upside is leveraging on Image’s reputation and distribution network, and of course creators get to retain all the rights.

Closer to home, rates at Malaysia’s Gempak Starz are as follows:

The page rate for new artists is RM70 per page. This may increase according to the level of skill involved and the comic’s popularity (we will pay more if a new contributor’s comic quality is really good) For color pages, new artists are paid RM120 per page.

For more info on Gempak’s submission policy etc (provided by Saulim) STARZ FAQ Eng.rtf

Another useful reference:

Malinky Robot Press Release

The Image Press Release for Malinky Robot : collected stories & other bits is out!

Berkeley, CA – 1 July 2011 –The captivating world and quirky characters detailed by award-winning artist Sonny Liew’s (LIQUID CITY VOL. 1 and 2, My Faith in Frankie, Wonderland, Sense and Sensibility) loose and emotive watercolor-drenched pencil work are set to charm readers in August, with the release of MALINKY ROBOT: COLLECTED STORIES AND OTHER BITS from Image Comics.

A recipient of the Xeric Award and Best Science Fiction Comic Album award at the Utopiales International SF Festival, MALINKY ROBOT blends dystopic sci-fi and indie sensibilities into a uniquely oddball world, where street urchins Atari and Oliver scrounge, steal bicycles and watch Giant Robot movies.

Liew says, “The stories of MALINKY ROBOT have always been the ones that I feel most personally connected with, from their rhythms and structure, to the character and architectural designs. It’s very exciting to see them collected together in this book.”

MALINKY ROBOT not only includes short stories like “Stinky Fish Blues” and “Karakuri” from the LIQUID CITY and Flight anthologies, but also a gallery of Liew’s concept and sketch art, along with pinups by incredible artists such as Mike Allred, Roger Langridge and Skottie Young. Writer Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Deadpool, Wonder Woman) described the collection as “[a] book so full of wonders and treasures it feels like you should need a pirate’s map to find it. A stunningly gorgeous mix of urban fantasy and charming adventure that I plan to read until the spine falls off.”

MALINKY ROBOT: COLLECTED STORIES AND OTHER BITS TP (JUN110503), a 128-page full color collection of short sequential art stories retailing for $16.99, will be available at a comic store near you on August 3, 2011. It is available for pre-orders from Diamond Comics, and from retailers such as Amazon. For more information, please visit

Malinky Robot: Collected Stories & Other Bits

The english collection of Malinky Robot is out on August 3 from Image comics. Featuring stories from the French and Italian collections (Stinky Fish Blues, Bicycle, Karukuri, Dead Souls Day Out), as well as a new piece (New Year’s Day). Also includes pinups by Mike Allred, Koh Hong Teng, Roger Langridge, Skottie Young, FSC, Arron McConnell, Tony Sandoval , Nicolas Bannister, Gary Choo, Nicholas Jainschigg, Evan Larson, Robb Mommaerts and Nancy Zhang!

Solicit copy below!

Order code: JUN110503




art / cover



128 PAGES / FC / E


Street urchins Atari and Oliver are out to steal bicycles, watch Giant Robot movies and spend some Large Denominational Bills!

MALINKY ROBOT collects five tales by Eisner-nominated artist SONNY LIEW (MY FAITH IN FRANKIE, WONDERLAND, SENSE & SENSIBILITY) featuring stinky fish, philosopher-labourers and summer rain.

A recipient of the Xeric Award, the Utopiales SF Festival’s Best SF Album award and featured in the acclaimed FLIGHT anthologies, MALINKY ROBOT blends dystopian sci-fi and indie sensibilities into a uniquely charming, off-kilter world.



Image Comics press release for Liquid City Vol.2 has gone out, the cover and some sample pages can be seen at

Also out later this year is the Italian edition of the Malinky Robot collection from Lavieri Edizioni. “Le atmosfere rese in questi brevi episodi narrano le avventure minimaliste di due amici che si  dividono tra il centro futuristico e la periferia rurale della metropoli asiatica. Spettacolari le tavole, le colorazioni e lo stile fluido e dettagliato di Sonny Liew” apparently :p

Issue 2 of Sense and Sensibility is also out this month 🙂

Liquid City Website, Vertigoed and Other Stuff

Thanks to JF Koh, we’ve been able to put together a blog and previews site for Liquid City:

The anthology will be launched in November this year, and includes works by creators like FSC, Leong Wan Kok, Gerry Alanguilan, Troy Chin, kenfoo, Lefty, Drewscape and many others. Lat‘s participation though was particulary exciting, cos i grew up reading his comics, and books like Town Boy and Kampung Boy get better with every reading; you realise how much craft goes under the deceptively simple surface.

We’ll be arranging for book signings at Kinokunikya in Singapore and Malaysia, watch… various spaces for updates :p

Speaking of Kino, recently headed there to get some new comics, and saw the Vertigo Encyclopedia; so the first thing i did of course was to see if they had any entry on My Faith in Frankie…and was surprised to find it did in fact get a whole page! :p

Finally me, Hong Teng,  Lun Cheak and Skan will be having a group exhibition of our personal and commericial works at the Black Earth Art Gallery starting November 29, more details once we’ve firmed up stuff :p