May Missives: Book Launch and Doctor Fate


The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye Book Launch

For those in Singapore, do drop by Books Kinokuniya (Main Store) on May 30, from 2-3pm for the launch of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye.

The international edition of the book will be released by Pantheon Books in 2016,  but readers in Singapore and Malaysia can get a copy now at all good bookstores, as well as online from Epigram Books.

Unique and unprecedented… a masterpiece.
Mike Carey, Lucifer, The Unwritten, The Girl with All the Gifts

A joy to read. Sonny Liew masterfully weaves the history of Singapore with the history of comics into something you’ve never experienced before.”
Gene Luen YangAmerican Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints


This week also saw the release of the 8-page Dr. Fate teaser story from DC Comics, which you can read online or at the end of Aquaman #2.

Written by Paul Levitz and drawn by myself and lettered by Nick Napolitano (with Lee Louridge on colours in the series proper), issue #1 is out on June 17 🙂

“If this series treats Khalid’s journey into becoming Doctor Fate with the same care and thoughtful consideration that Levitz and Liew are implying in this short chapter, then we will have a very meaningful and important book on our hands.” –

Archie is Banned in Singapore?


Given the recent hoohah over the NLB’s withdrawl and planned pulping of several books, seemingly due to public pressue in the form of  complaints from the “We Are Against Pinkdot in Singapore” Facebook group, I’d wondered if there were similar pressures being brought to bear against other book sources, namely commercial bookstores.

In recent times, one comic that did raise LGBT issues was Archie: The Married Life. That series features a gay character in Riverdale  named Kevin Keller, whose marriage in issue #16 of the single issues was objected to by the American conservative Christian group called One Million Moms. Their campaign to have that issue boycotted did poorly, as the Guardian recounts here:

Archie gay marriage comic sells out in face of boycott call

The single issues of The Married Life have been collected in trades, with single issue #16 appearing in Volume 3 of the trade editions.

I looked to see if it might be available on Kinokuniya’s Book Catalog, and was somewhat baffled to find that they carried Vols 1, 2, 4 and 5 but not 3. An inquiry sent to Kinokuniya yielded this response:

We regret that “Archie the Married Life 3” is deemed to breach the Content Guidelines for Imported Publications, and removed from sale by notice of MDA. We are not able to sell this title.

At this point it is unknown whether this ban on sales was due to outside pressues (as with the NLB) or if it was a unilateral decision by  the MDA – currently waiting for a reply from them about the mechanisms and processes involved behind restrictions on books, especially ones that do not appear to pose a threat to political stability (compared with, say,  a racially charged tract).

Beyond that – what other titles might also have faced sales bans without any wider public awareness? How does the MDA discover them and make decisons about them?

Lots of known unknowns, for the moment, as Rumsfeld might have said :p

For those keen on knowing what the “Content Guidelines for Imported Publications” are:


There’s a new comic store in town, Planerds at the 4th level of 313@Somerset. Haven’t had a chance to drop by yet, but this review suggests it might be close to what the Million Year Picnic is in Boston; a well designed and stocked store with mainstream, manga and alternative titles.

There’ll be signings by local creators this Saturday, 7 May (Election day!). So do drop by if you have the inkling 🙂 A copy of their press release/info here!



Koh Hong Teng

Dave Chua

Jerry Hinds

JDC Amane

Shawn Yap

Zhen Ye

Troy Chin  (Polling Day Duties!)


Kelvin Chan


Swee Chin Foo (FSc)

JC Wong

Sonny Liew

Lim Cheng Tju

Wonderland Signing at Kinokuniya

Will be promoting Wonderland at Kinokuniya Singapore (Takashimaya) next sat, details below:

Talk on ‘Wonderland and Literature In Comics’ and Live Painting Demo
13th June 2009 (Saturday)
5.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store, Crossroads

Kino press release below! :p

“Calling out to fans of comic books and graphic novels! Sonny Liew, the Eisner-nominated comic artist and prolific illustrator who last appeared at Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store in November 2008 for the launch of the book /Liquid City/ , is back again to launch the hard cover trade edition of Wonderland, written by Tommy Kovac, with art by Liew and published by Disney Press.

Comic critic Lim Cheng Tju, Ian Gordon ( Associate Professor at the Department of History, NUS) and poet Gwee Li Sui will discuss the topic of ‘Literature In Comics’ with reference to /Wonderland/ , and other comic titles, whilst Liew will be doing a live demo painting to be given away to one lucky winner.”

Liquid City Book Launch at KLCC

The book signing at KLCC Malaysia just about wraps up all the promotional shindigs for Liquid City for 2008. It’s been lots of fun meeting all the artists involved in the project, but tiring as well; all this PR stuff requires a kind of disassociation i think, a projection of some self other than the one you’re used to. Maybe in time the two will coalesce, but maybe not just yet 🙂

Anyway, the folks from Gilamon were there, including Kaoru who couldn’t make it to the Singapore signing, plus Leong Wan Kok. Otto Fong made the trip across the causeway, and Tan Eng Huat and Pekomik‘s Muhamad Azhar Abdullah showed up to lend their support. Wan Kok brought his laptop along and it had all sorts of amazing works in progress on it… check out his website!

Lat was all PR-ed out  from all the signings he did for his new stamp collection, but he did join us for drinks afterwards, and it was great as always hearing him talk about his experiences 🙂

Above from left to right: Micheal Chuah, Kaoru, Keith Chong, Chin Sau Lim, Lat, Muhamad Azhar Abdullah, me, Tan Eng Huat and Leong Wan Kok.

an aside: watched “Bolt” in 3D today, the first 3D movie i’d seen since a Jaws sequel ages ago… it was an interesting experience, but after the first half hour I think you start getting used to the effects, and its back to old fashioned storytelling to sustain the show. Maybe Jame Cameron’s Avatar will take 3D to its next step though, with the effects somehow becoming intergral to the story, who knows 🙂

The Half Flat show is in its final week; it’ll probably be kinda sad when its time to take all the paintings down :p

The Half Flat Art Show

The Half Flat Art Show is on from Nov 29- Dec 30 at the Black Earth Art Musuem in Singapore. Original Comic Book Art and Robot Paintings on display, together with the works of another 3 illustrators :p

For more event photos, click here:

For a show review:

For Gilamon Studio’s report of the Liquid City book launch at Kinokuniya Singapore, goto:


I’ll be at Kinokuniya next sat promoting Re-gifters and Wonderland, possibly doing some sort of demo from script to finished art if i can get the equipment sorted out :p

Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store (Takashimaya) Crossroads
18th August 2007 (Saturday)
2:00pm – 3:00pm

some initial concepts for the First Second project here: