Punggol Pics


Some of the pics taken for the NAC LAVA project….




With Nik and Xueling.


That’s Gilbert on the left and Paul Tan on the right.


Kiruthiga on the far right here had to deal with paperwork and endless changes from all directions in getting the project going and completed!

Straits Timing


Coverage of the LAVA project led to a front page pic of the Punggol Mural Project in today’s Straits Times!


A writeup of LAVA in the interiors, though unfortunately despite some prodding no real mentions of the secret robot spy team who helped with the mural…… so a list  again of all those who did a lot of the heavy lifting:

Nik Tao, Xu Mingjie, Alan Leong, Reuben Ashley,Pang Xueling, Kooichi, Chanel Kang, Cassie Koh, Khoo Siew May, Chan Shiuan, Grace Chew and Le En

The Best Secret Robot Spies you could ever hope to find! :p

And, yes, Lionel Messi is the most astonishing football player of this and possibly very many lifetimes.