lee hsien loong

Recession Comics


During my research for the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, I came across (pg 169) in the NHB/National Archives’s “The Second Decade: Nation Building in Progress 1975-1985” a rather curious excerpt from the Straits Times, March 26-27 , 1986 – a comic entitled “Recession & You“. (there’s an online version here: http://www.nas.gov.sg/1stcab/7585/travel_exh_Sec4.html)

The image in the book itself was too small and low res to read, so I got microfilm versions from the library:



Some curiosities:

1. The wild, unabashed materialism. “What color Mercedes are we buying? I can’t wait to go to Europe. I want a Lego set!”

2. The prominence given to BG Lee Hsien Loong

3. National stereotypes agogo (Japanese people say “AH SO!”)

I do wonder who the artist(s), Uranium, is though! 🙂

Plus a forum writer’s reaction: