Bad Company


Been working on The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye for quite a while, past deadlines and cancelled grants, always wondering where the book was headed… so it’s with a sense of relief and a dose of giddiness to be able to say that the book is being picked up in the US and UK by Pantheon Books.

Their back catalog is several kinds of amazing, from Maus to Persepolis, Asterios Polyp to Jimmy Corrigan, Ice Haven, Mr. Wonderful and the Ben Katchors…

I’m hoping Charlie Chan is not some kind of outlier; but even if it was, I’ll just ride the wave for a bit before the wipeout :p

Readers in Singapore and Malaysia will get a first look at the book, with Epigram Books publishing what might be called the Singaporean edition in early 2015.

For the Real Bad Company : Bad Company


There’s an interview in today’s edition of Malaysia’s The Star newspaper. Get a copy if you’re in Malaysialand, otherwise click on the link below :p

Progress of a Comic Artist

Worlds of Wonder by Elizabeth Tai

Malaysian-born, Singapore-based graphic novelist Sonny Liew talks about his career in comics.

A SERIES of breaks and youthful enthusiasm. That’s how Eisner-nominated comic artist Sonny Liew said he got his break in the unpredictable and highly competitive world of comics.

“When I was younger, I had this ridiculous self-belief that I would make it somehow. I can’t really explain it. Call it youthful exuberance, perhaps. I felt that I had something to contribute to comics” said Liew via telephone recently.

Malaysia-born Liew, 37, is currently based in Singapore where he has resided since he was in kindergarten. (His parents still live in Seremban.) He has worked for big names in the comic industry, such as DC Vertigo, Marvel, Disney and SLG. And among his published works are Malinky Robot, Wonderland, My Faith In Frankie, and Marvel Comic’s adaptation of Sense & Sensibility (cont…)

Star online articles seem to get taken down after a while, so here’s another link for the future :p

Liquid City Book Launch at KLCC

The book signing at KLCC Malaysia just about wraps up all the promotional shindigs for Liquid City for 2008. It’s been lots of fun meeting all the artists involved in the project, but tiring as well; all this PR stuff requires a kind of disassociation i think, a projection of some self other than the one you’re used to. Maybe in time the two will coalesce, but maybe not just yet 🙂

Anyway, the folks from Gilamon were there, including Kaoru who couldn’t make it to the Singapore signing, plus Leong Wan Kok. Otto Fong made the trip across the causeway, and Tan Eng Huat and Pekomik‘s Muhamad Azhar Abdullah showed up to lend their support. Wan Kok brought his laptop along and it had all sorts of amazing works in progress on it… check out his website!

Lat was all PR-ed out  from all the signings he did for his new stamp collection, but he did join us for drinks afterwards, and it was great as always hearing him talk about his experiences 🙂

Above from left to right: Micheal Chuah, Kaoru, Keith Chong, Chin Sau Lim, Lat, Muhamad Azhar Abdullah, me, Tan Eng Huat and Leong Wan Kok.

an aside: watched “Bolt” in 3D today, the first 3D movie i’d seen since a Jaws sequel ages ago… it was an interesting experience, but after the first half hour I think you start getting used to the effects, and its back to old fashioned storytelling to sustain the show. Maybe Jame Cameron’s Avatar will take 3D to its next step though, with the effects somehow becoming intergral to the story, who knows 🙂

The Half Flat show is in its final week; it’ll probably be kinda sad when its time to take all the paintings down :p