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My Faith in Frankie ver 1.4

The new edition of My Faith in Frankie is out today! It’s kinda the fourth incarnation, after the initial single issue mini series, the black and white trade edition (often described as Proto-Minx) and the Spanish edition from Norma.

It’s a bit of an odd beast, not quite a real trade (there are adverts like in normal single issues and the the cover material is thinner than with normal trades), and labelled “#1” for some reason… still it’s good to see the book collected in colour, and in english, after all this time 🙂

My Faith in Frankie

My Faith in Frankie will be re-released under the Vertigo Resurrected line in November!


My  road with Vertigo: on the behest of David Mazzuchelli, I sent my portfolio in to DC Vertigo near the end of my last year at RISD. They came back with a script for a pencil test, for a new story they had. I didn’t do a very good job of it, still much to raw for a proper series. That series was of course Fables, a most unfortunate boat to miss :p

Still, they came back with an offer of a mini-series written by the great Mike Carey, My Faith in Frankie, and it was exciting and scary at the same time – my first proper comic project, and there were endless scenes I couldn’t figure out how I would ever be able to pull off. (As it turned out they had to bring in Marc Hempel to rescue my dodgy inking :p)

The single issues got good reception, but maybe not the numbers that they might have, and when the time came for a trade edition, Vertigo decided to try for a black and white manga-sized book. It made no sense to me at the time (well lower costs aside), and the book was finally printed much darker then intended due to gamma levels not being set right during the colour-to-grayscale conversion. The book did go on to be sort of a prototype for the DC Minx series I think.

A colour edition was released in Spain by Norma, but that was printed on glossy paper, and the colours turned out a bit garish as a result. (The old paper-stock-effects-colour issue which affected Wonderland in the reverse.)

So it’s exciting to see a colour trade in english after all this time.

Vertigo never calls anymore though, I have no idea why :p

Here’s some old sketches of some of the MFIF characters in any case 🙂

More designs

With the “Decelarate Blue” project still in hiatus, still awaiting a long awaited final script, started a bunch of new designs for a new story I’m working with Mike Carey on, a sci-fi setting with aliens and gadgets :p

The two main characters are Jo and Hal, though things are very much in the earlt stages, so no idea where it’ll end up eventually :p The rest are quick half baked ideas for miscellanous aliens that might populate the story …