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Coverage of the LAVA project led to a front page pic of the Punggol Mural Project in today’s Straits Times!


A writeup of LAVA in the interiors, though unfortunately despite some prodding no real mentions of the secret robot spy team who helped with the mural…… so a list  again of all those who did a lot of the heavy lifting:

Nik Tao, Xu Mingjie, Alan Leong, Reuben Ashley,Pang Xueling, Kooichi, Chanel Kang, Cassie Koh, Khoo Siew May, Chan Shiuan, Grace Chew and Le En

The Best Secret Robot Spies you could ever hope to find! :p

And, yes, Lionel Messi is the most astonishing football player of this and possibly very many lifetimes.


Robot Row

The Mural Project at Punggol Waterways is finally done! (Click on image above for larger version of the image) It’s been a long drawn out process with a bit of a learning curve – lots of logistics involved, from paints and tools (brushes, rollers, extra large compasses, spirits levels, masking tape) required to scaffoldings and worksite insurance.

An earlier post about the initial sketches:

Having never worked on an actual wall mural before, i roped in Alan Leong, Reuben Ashley and others who’d done mural work for Social Creatives to help out with the process.

The location made things tricky – next to a fairly narrow footpath, which meant that the worksite had to be cordoned off somehow, leaving less than ideal space for the team to be able to work from (and view the progress from a distance). In the end it was a combination of orange netting with holes, mobile scaffoldings and a lot of ad hoc ways of getting things done. Big thanks to Nik, Mingjie, Alan, Reuben, Xueling, Chanel, Cassie, Siew May and Shiuan for all the work put in!

And of course to Kiruthiga at the National Art Council, for her endless patience in dealing with all the paperwork and constantly shifting sands that the project entailed :p

Lots of paints and assorted materials used, and there was masking tape everywhere by the end :p

Anyone hoping to see the mural will have to make a trek to Punggol. Its near the (as yet unopened) Sumang LRT station.

The Road to Punggol

Was asked to do a design for a mural along the new Punggol Waterway last year.

The photo above is pretty old, the site is much more complete now. The mural itself… with my own inexperience in painting physical murals, and with several government agencies involved (NAC, HDB, Nparks, LTA) its taken quite a while to get things going, but should be able to start next week!

The poem used is by local poet Gilbert Koh.

Some of the other sketches and earlier versions of the robot image below 🙂