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Secret Robot Spy Factory Report 2011

The holidays are just round the corner, so here’s an early Merry Xmas!

Malinky Robot: Collected Stories & Other Bits was released this year, do get a copy (or copies for your friends and robots!) if you haven’t already! :p

Find out more about the book at:

Or buy it at:

“[Q]uite possibly the most charming set of comics that I have ever read…a fantastic combination of urban fantasy and childlike wonder packed in a box of adventure …Atari and Oliver are fantastically written, lovable kids [and the] artwork was just astounding” Felicity Gustafson, Comics Bulletin

“Malinky Robot is the real deal, the kind of book that should go not just on the must-buy list, but on the must-buy-for-friends list…[it] reads like something you’ve known all your life and also are seeing for the first time… a story of gentle tragedy, a near-future sci-fi comic with heart, a buddy story with an impressive supporting cast. The design is brilliant, and the storytelling is resonant in all the best ways.”Wendy Holler, Newsarama

“A charming, beautifully drawn little world.. that I would have liked to climb into and walk around in for a while.” – Mike Mignola, Hellboy

“Sonny Liew occupies a proud place in a lineage that includes Walt Kelly, Cliff Sterrett, Frank King, Charles M. Schulz, Jeff Smith and Louis Trondheim. His clear, speaking lines carry a huge weight of emotion, and it’s usually more than one emotion. He makes you laugh, he makes you hurt.”Mike Carey (Hellblazer, X-Men, The Unwritten)

Elephant Memory Man is still pondering the past over at Vivocity, so do drop by to say hello if you are in Singapore!

2011 was also the year…

Ten-ten, good buddies, see you on the other side.

My Faith in Frankie ver 1.4

The new edition of My Faith in Frankie is out today! It’s kinda the fourth incarnation, after the initial single issue mini series, the black and white trade edition (often described as Proto-Minx) and the Spanish edition from Norma.

It’s a bit of an odd beast, not quite a real trade (there are adverts like in normal single issues and the the cover material is thinner than with normal trades), and labelled “#1” for some reason… still it’s good to see the book collected in colour, and in english, after all this time 🙂

My Faith in Frankie

My Faith in Frankie will be re-released under the Vertigo Resurrected line in November!

My  road with Vertigo: on the behest of David Mazzuchelli, I sent my portfolio in to DC Vertigo near the end of my last year at RISD. They came back with a script for a pencil test, for a new story they had. I didn’t do a very good job of it, still much to raw for a proper series. That series was of course Fables, a most unfortunate boat to miss :p

Still, they came back with an offer of a mini-series written by the great Mike Carey, My Faith in Frankie, and it was exciting and scary at the same time – my first proper comic project, and there were endless scenes I couldn’t figure out how I would ever be able to pull off. (As it turned out they had to bring in Marc Hempel to rescue my dodgy inking :p)

The single issues got good reception, but maybe not the numbers that they might have, and when the time came for a trade edition, Vertigo decided to try for a black and white manga-sized book. It made no sense to me at the time (well lower costs aside), and the book was finally printed much darker then intended due to gamma levels not being set right during the colour-to-grayscale conversion. The book did go on to be sort of a prototype for the DC Minx series I think.

A colour edition was released in Spain by Norma, but that was printed on glossy paper, and the colours turned out a bit garish as a result. (The old paper-stock-effects-colour issue which affected Wonderland in the reverse.)

So it’s exciting to see a colour trade in english after all this time.

Vertigo never calls anymore though, I have no idea why :p

Here’s some old sketches of some of the MFIF characters in any case 🙂

Liquid City Website, Vertigoed and Other Stuff

Thanks to JF Koh, we’ve been able to put together a blog and previews site for Liquid City:

The anthology will be launched in November this year, and includes works by creators like FSC, Leong Wan Kok, Gerry Alanguilan, Troy Chin, kenfoo, Lefty, Drewscape and many others. Lat‘s participation though was particulary exciting, cos i grew up reading his comics, and books like Town Boy and Kampung Boy get better with every reading; you realise how much craft goes under the deceptively simple surface.

We’ll be arranging for book signings at Kinokunikya in Singapore and Malaysia, watch… various spaces for updates :p

Speaking of Kino, recently headed there to get some new comics, and saw the Vertigo Encyclopedia; so the first thing i did of course was to see if they had any entry on My Faith in Frankie…and was surprised to find it did in fact get a whole page! :p

Finally me, Hong Teng,  Lun Cheak and Skan will be having a group exhibition of our personal and commericial works at the Black Earth Art Gallery starting November 29, more details once we’ve firmed up stuff :p