The Economist reviews The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (March 12 2016 Print edition)

“A touching, thoughtful meditation on Singapore’s relentless progress…. Like any other country, Singapore means different things to different people. Its detractors admit that modern Singapore is safe, well-run and has achieved remarkable material progress since it became independent just over 50 years ago. And even its defenders admit that Singapore restricts civil liberties… Sonny Liew’s brilliantly inventive “The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye” weighs those costs and benefits.”

This magazine used to be de riguer reading in junior college days for everything from history to economics and the General Paper :p



Liquid City Vol 3 Launch!


The third volume of the Eisner-nominated anthology Liquid City launches at Kinokuniya Singapore next Saturday!

19th Julym 2014, Sat, 4pm

Kinokuniya Main Store

Do come support, more event details here!

Reviews of the book from: Broken Frontier, Comics Alliance and Publishers Weekly!



Not the Straits Times

…but the New Straits Times! A Review/Interview of Malinky Robot by Rizal Solomon 🙂

The book has a magic that slowly wraps itself around you. The city Liew creates feels alive. It manages the remarkable feat of being gritty, grimy, gorgeous and futuristic all at once. You wish this was an open world game that you could wander around in and explore.

Thanks Rizal! 🙂

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Malinky Robot review at Paste Magazine… rating: 8.5!

Liew’s panels swim in the empty expanse of his monolithic cityscapes, showcasing intricate detail and geography. His story complements his visuals with whimsical tales that end on ambiguous notes, riffing on the listlessness of youth. This collection’s highlight is a sequence that illustrates a character’s tragic past of child loss and divorce through a replica Sunday Funnies page, filled with spot-on caricatures. “

Malinky Review in the Business Times

Review of Malinky Robot by Christoper Lim in today’s Business Times 🙂

Rating A!

The stories swing between charmingly intriguing and unexpectedly disturbing… [b]y the time you turn the last page of Malinky Robot, an unlikely transformation has occured. Atari and Oliver aren’t conventionally lovable… [b]ut it’s hard not to warm to them becasue, though amoral, they are never malicious. Atari is a cyberpunk free spirit, grown-up before his time but still capable of wonder and simple contentment.

Online link won’t be viewable for non BT subscribers till after 6pm…. :p

Get the book from Kinokuniya, Planerds @Somerset313 or Amazon! 🙂

Page45 Review

A Malinky Robot review at Page 45. I have no idea why it’s called that. Clicking on some links would probably help :p

Enchanting collection of whimsical street-urchin shenanigans now coloured in a distinctly Arthur Rackham fashion … and you if you knew Liew already from RE-GIFTERS or WONDERLAND, you’ve still not seen anything quite like this.