Giant Robot


Illustrator and fellow RISD-ite Antoine Revoy did a pinup for The Art of Charlie Chan…! See his blog (and a colored version of the image) at:



Antoine is also releasing an intriguing Japanese horror influenced graphic novel called “Playground” from First Second soon, do check it out! http://www.pastemagazine.com/…/exclusive-first-second-annou…

Old Art

A bunch of old stuff from RISD days…

“K is for Kornflakes” . This was bore a heavy Mark Ryden influence i think. Oil on cardboard.

“Art School Zombie” Learning about colour was one of the bigger challenges at RISD, a whole new world of theory and application. Tony Janello taught a class where he made everyone use crayon dache; applying bold colours and then trying to work your way to some sort of useable palette. (I think that was the point anyway :p).

One of the main reasons for going to art school was tolearn painting; reading books about it before that never made any sense – it all sounded like alchemy, strange substances from linseed oil to darmar varnish, stretchers, gauche and acrylics.

This was probably the first painting that came together a little like how i’d hoped.

The Phil Hale influence is obvious; probably just after a class in SciFi painting taught by Nick Jainschigg, where Jon Foster (who was only just starting out at the time) came in as a guest lecturer for one lesson and showed us his Crowbot painting as well as slides of Hale’s Johnny Badhair that blew my mind from here to yesterday and tomorrow and back again :p