Charlie Chan at the Eisners


The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye was nominated for Eisner Awards this year in the following categories!

  • Best Graphic Album–New
  • Best U.S. Edition of International Material–Asia
  • Best Writer/Artist
  • Best Coloring
  • Best Lettering
  • Best Publication Design

Which maybe means 6 times the pain in July, but what the hey, appreciating the dream for now 🙂

The Eisner Awards voting is now open till June 16th, you can vote if you’re a comics creator, publisher, editor, historian, educator, librarian or comic store owner/manager… so do go register and vote for your favourite comics and creators at the link below 🙂



Hank Chu Lives!


Catch the Green Turtle at San Diego Comic Con and stand a chance to win some original Gene Yang art!

See more shots of the costume at the First Second Blog.

The Green Turtle

Meanwhile here’s a pinup by NYT-best selling creator George O’Connor!

And a review from Comic Book Resources, where Sonia Harris writes that the book manages “this crazy juggling act of being truly inspired and new, while also being packed with loving references to everything that has gone before in the genre.

Secret Robot Spy Factory Report 2011

The holidays are just round the corner, so here’s an early Merry Xmas!

Malinky Robot: Collected Stories & Other Bits was released this year, do get a copy (or copies for your friends and robots!) if you haven’t already! :p

Find out more about the book at:

Or buy it at:

“[Q]uite possibly the most charming set of comics that I have ever read…a fantastic combination of urban fantasy and childlike wonder packed in a box of adventure …Atari and Oliver are fantastically written, lovable kids [and the] artwork was just astounding” Felicity Gustafson, Comics Bulletin

“Malinky Robot is the real deal, the kind of book that should go not just on the must-buy list, but on the must-buy-for-friends list…[it] reads like something you’ve known all your life and also are seeing for the first time… a story of gentle tragedy, a near-future sci-fi comic with heart, a buddy story with an impressive supporting cast. The design is brilliant, and the storytelling is resonant in all the best ways.”Wendy Holler, Newsarama

“A charming, beautifully drawn little world.. that I would have liked to climb into and walk around in for a while.” – Mike Mignola, Hellboy

“Sonny Liew occupies a proud place in a lineage that includes Walt Kelly, Cliff Sterrett, Frank King, Charles M. Schulz, Jeff Smith and Louis Trondheim. His clear, speaking lines carry a huge weight of emotion, and it’s usually more than one emotion. He makes you laugh, he makes you hurt.”Mike Carey (Hellblazer, X-Men, The Unwritten)

Elephant Memory Man is still pondering the past over at Vivocity, so do drop by to say hello if you are in Singapore!

2011 was also the year…

Ten-ten, good buddies, see you on the other side.

San Diego Comic Con 2011 in 30 Easy Steps Pt I

Step 1: Let the Cat out of the Bag.

Step 2: Plane, Trains, Automobiles.  Dad looking out the window on the train from LAX to San Diego.

Step 3: It’s Comic Con! Previews night and the obligatory shot of the Exhibition Hall.

Step 4: Think About Joining Team Coco. There was a Conan O’Brien exhibition in the gaslamp district. Made a mental note of going back to see it, but never quite did :s

Step 5: Fight Some Robots. I hope this is better than that Michael Bay nonsense :p

Step 6: Get in Line. This is the Queue for the Exhibition Hall that snakes round and round and finally you get shunted off to join another Queue.

Step 7: Do the Domo.  Domo-kun! Director Tsuneo Gōda was at the Con, but never did get a chance to make him Sign Some Things.

Step 8: Travel Back in Time. The Wonderland HC at the Disney Booth. The printing on this book still makes me a little sad inside :p

Step 9: Stalk Em Up. Here’s Shiuan snapping away at Steve Leialoha‘s drawings.

Step 10: Observe Many  Things You Would Like to Purchase. The cutest Spongebob I ever did see. Godzilla, King of Monsters. Reagan? And, yes, his name is Inigo Montoya, if you killed his father, prepare to die :p

Step 11: Stalk Em Up II. Chester Brown! “I Never Liked You” was one of my formative experiences in reading comics. Chester! Chester! Sign The Book!

Step 12: Smile  A Silly Smile. I think he signed his name with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, which allows me to pretend we’re connected in a new way across Time and Space :p

Step 13: Visit the Wizard of Oz. It’s Skottie Young!

Step 14: Check Your Bank Account. If you have $6000 to spare, you could have bought this original Mike Mignola drawing at the Trickster store.


SDCC reportage

SDCC this time round was a different experience, with booth-manning tasks (ordering books, keeping track of sales etc) adding a new wrinkle to proceedings..

First stop after a 17 hour flight was downtown LA, where I’d sent all the books to old RISD friends Danny and Sue, here’s them helping to load their car with many boxes for the drive to San Diego. We then had to figure a way to get the boxes to the exhibition hall itself , despite a trolley with a dodgy comedy wheel that wobbled like a drunken sailor :p

The booth itself, shared with Flight and Gallery Nucleus was centrally located, thought the best way to find it amidst the mayhem was to look for the Marvel banner hanging from the rafters.

The Wonderland HC trade did good business, and i drew quite a few mary anns and chesire cats :p

There were the usual assortment of costumes, though i didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of someone dressed in full Judge Hershey regalia :s

Lots of toys and figurines of course, including original Coraline Stop Motion figures and custom Storm Troopers (my fave ones were the comic con fan and popsicle versions :p)

There were old faces to meet like the folks from the Flight crew, and new ones too, with Mike Allred being the most exciting just cos I’m a big fan of Madman. He’s pictured here with his family 🙂 I missed the Doctor Who panel with Russell Davies and David Tennant, but still got to meet a Dalek, plus one of this guys from Yo Gabba Gabba! :p

Also there were the folks from Secret Identities, it was nice meeting everyone there after only ever communicating via email. There were photo ops with Larry Hama and Kelly Hu too  (its a guy thing, i think :p)

David Sung (animation director) was one of the many people I met at the con, and he was kind enough to show me and danny round the disney studio lots (though the actual animation dept was out of bounds cos of secret secrets), above is me and danny pretending to be mickey mice.

They also had original props on display, the best of the lot was a couple of Steve Zissou headgear, including the red cap worn by Williem Defoe.

Before you knew it, it was time to pack everything back into boxes and say goodbyes.

The saddest one was with Munki, Danny and Sue’s cat who i first met back in art school days at RISD. She’s now 14 years old and was rather ill, and I probably won’t be seeing her again next time SDCC rolls round. Bye bye munki!

more pics at: facebook

San Diego Comic Con 2009

SDCC is about a week away, will have a Liquid City booth (Booth #2329) this year, right next to the Flight crew… others who will be there off and on include Shari Chankhamma, Mike Carey, Lefty and others… floorplan location:

Will also be at the Image booth from 2:30 – 4:30 on Friday (and probably the weekend as well), plus with Gene Yang and the Secret Identity folks from 12:30pm-2pm on Thursday( Epic Props/SI Booth #1735).

Singapore Toys and Comics Convention – Saturday

It was the first day STCC was open to the public today, and many of us had thought it might turn out to be a sedate affair, so it was a real surprise on arriving in the morning to see the queue that had  built up by bout 11…

Not quite the San Diego Comic Con , but given its a first time affair, the turnout and buzz was pretty impressive, and those of us who had rented booths were left frazzled (in a  good way) by the end of the day by the activity involved – meeting fellow fans and creators, selling merchandise, all that.

There was also was great toys on display, including an excellent Star Wars section that had a whole bunch of storm troopers, the debut of the Clone Wars toys line, and best of all the full old school line up from the 70s and 80s, including two of my faves, Han Solo and Darth Vader in all their limited-articulation glory 🙂 The presence of stores like Basheer Books, offering proper convention discounts, debut showings of the Manga Batman anime and all sorts of competitions also added to the general atmosphere.

One letdown was the absence of Lao Fu Zhi/ Old Master Q artist Joseph Wong Chak, who was unfortunately unable to make it due to ‘urgent  personal circumstances’. Generally the number of celeb-level artists present was on the low side, and too few people had risked taking on Artist Alley booths (on unfounded fears as it turned out), but in general it did feel like a small -scale SDCC, with lots of growth potential. A lot of publishers and companies approached apparently want to wait for the second STCC  before committing resources to taking part, and I do hope that the convention gets bigger and better every year 🙂

As was most the Singapore fraternity was there: from IFS, to ACAS, Ken Foo, Troy Chin, plus some from across the causeway like Gilamon and Gempak; even Tan Eng Huat was wondering around for a bit …more pics of everyone tomo! :p

For lots more photos go: