secret identities

Jane for Japan

The Secret Identities folks have put up a bunch of things on Ebay for auction to help raise funds for aid relief for  Japan; two Sense and Sensibility pages amongst them, starting at US$20!

do make a bid if you’re keen, its for a good cause 🙂

Upcoming Things and Stuff

The Secret Identities anthology has hit the shelves, see some coverage herehere and at Basically an attempt to address the issue of why there are so few asian superheroes in American mainstream comics (or anywhere else for that matter), despite many asian-american creators in the industry and amongst fans who read comics.

In the meanwhille, will be attending a panel at Pekomikon on April 25 at the Putra World Trade Center in K.L.

On May 2 (Sat) will be talking about comics in Singapore together with Johnny Lau (Mr Kiasu!) and others at Ignite, 10am-5.30pm, Lee Foundation Theatre, NAFA Campus 3.

In the meanwhile :  Je ne parle pas francios!

Videos and Wonderland

The Wonderland trade is out, Amazon link here… there was a nice review in Publisher’s Weekly… The colours… well didn’t turn out the same way they did in the original series, but  I guess that’s an issue for another time… it does have a great feel to it though, what with the hardcover and all 🙂

Meanwhile a couple of videos!

Bao put this together for Malinky Robot:

And Parry Shen put this together for the Secret Identities Anthology 🙂

The making of video here :