Roger and Me


I’ve never met Roger Langridge* – though somehow ours paths have crossed over time. Above is his pinup/review for The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, which he did with Manga Studio for the first time 🙂

I first encountered his work when I bought a copy of Fred the Clown, and there was an energy and style that reminded me of the Beano and Dandy cartoons I loved growing up (my mom would buy them from a bookstore in Seremban and me and my sis would copy pictures off ’em, Dennis the Menace, Billy Whizz, Roger the Dodger, the Bash Streets Boys and on and on)


(Beano Fanart by Cheryl Liew)

beano 2s

(Beano fanart by me)

For some reason Marvel comics put us together for a Spiderman short called “Nightmare Commute” in 2010, and it was one of those odd moments when you find yourself in contact with someone’s work you’d read and assumed would always be at that author-reader distance. (Another was working with Marc Hempel on My Faith in Frankie, having read  Gregory)


After that, I’d ask  Roger to do pinups to help promote Malinky Robot and The Shadow Hero as well, and he’s always game despite his busy schedule.

And I got the chance to sort of return the favour with an alternative cover for his series Abigail and the Snowman a couple of years back.


I guess the point of all this is maybe partly about the way the internet has allowed us to connect and work together in ways that would have been a lot more difficult when we were still using faxes and snail mail.

But more than that – Roger’s generosity (and those of many others, from David Mazzuchelli to Robb Mommaerts,  Gene Yang to Aaron McConnell) reminds me of the need to be less solipsistic myself, less caught up in work and deadlines.

To try to always ask:

What Would Alan Rickman Do?

or again

and again

jeez louis

Ok back to erasing now, don’t-call-me-I’ll-call-you :p

PL826101Film Title Harry P

*edit: As it turns out this is a Lie, as Roger remembers : “…it was at the San Diego Comic Con… at a bar across the road from the convention centre, at some Disney-related thing. Charly LaGreca (of the Indie Spinner Rack podcast) introduced us, but it must have been after we’d already done the Spider-Man story, because I recall telling Charly we already “knew” one another through collaborating on that.

Yipes! Blur Sotong as usual :-0







A Shadow Hero pinup by Roger Langridge, of Fred the Clown and Muppets and much other goodness!

He also did one for The Malinky Robot collection a few years back:




And we once worked on a Spiderman Short together 🙂 (It’s in this collection)

s6 copy


craptacular spiderman

crikey just realised there was a major screwup when i sent the final pages for the spiderman pages last month. Was rushing to meet the deadline before the trip to france so when the request came to resend the files in 400 dpi i must slipped up somehwere down the line.

the image on left was the intended final art, the one on the right i sent at 400 dpi, which is really an earlier WIP version.

some of the pages they finally used weren’t even given the halftone treatment in photoshop.

A really bad screwup on my part :(


Just before the trip to France got a chance to do a short Spiderman story written by Roger Langrige… I’d forgotten how much I liked reading those stan lee- steve ditko stories as a kid but doing some reading and research for the story really brought back memories of Mysterio, the Vulture and that whole sick crew…

Both Roger and Me wanted to do a homage to Ditko I think, plus that feel and look of old comics so I got some advice from Matt Hollingsworth on how to get that half tone effect on photoshop (filter-pixellate-color halftone)plus that yellowed paper look (scan, rubber stamp, use as multiply layer)… and then there’s the Spooky Bank!

The whole thing was a wee bit rushed but I hope it turned out ok. Does everything a spider can! :p