steve leialoha

San Diego Comic Con 2011 in 30 Easy Steps Pt I

Step 1: Let the Cat out of the Bag.

Step 2: Plane, Trains, Automobiles.  Dad looking out the window on the train from LAX to San Diego.

Step 3: It’s Comic Con! Previews night and the obligatory shot of the Exhibition Hall.

Step 4: Think About Joining Team Coco. There was a Conan O’Brien exhibition in the gaslamp district. Made a mental note of going back to see it, but never quite did :s

Step 5: Fight Some Robots. I hope this is better than that Michael Bay nonsense :p

Step 6: Get in Line. This is the Queue for the Exhibition Hall that snakes round and round and finally you get shunted off to join another Queue.

Step 7: Do the Domo.  Domo-kun! Director Tsuneo Gōda was at the Con, but never did get a chance to make him Sign Some Things.

Step 8: Travel Back in Time. The Wonderland HC at the Disney Booth. The printing on this book still makes me a little sad inside :p

Step 9: Stalk Em Up. Here’s Shiuan snapping away at Steve Leialoha‘s drawings.

Step 10: Observe Many  Things You Would Like to Purchase. The cutest Spongebob I ever did see. Godzilla, King of Monsters. Reagan? And, yes, his name is Inigo Montoya, if you killed his father, prepare to die :p

Step 11: Stalk Em Up II. Chester Brown! “I Never Liked You” was one of my formative experiences in reading comics. Chester! Chester! Sign The Book!

Step 12: Smile  A Silly Smile. I think he signed his name with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, which allows me to pretend we’re connected in a new way across Time and Space :p

Step 13: Visit the Wizard of Oz. It’s Skottie Young!

Step 14: Check Your Bank Account. If you have $6000 to spare, you could have bought this original Mike Mignola drawing at the Trickster store.