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Launch Week

charlie_chan_hock_chye_sepiaThe Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye was released this week internationally!

The always amazing Robb Mommaerts did a pinup (see above!), do visit his blog to see more fantastic artwork 🙂

Some early reviews:

An Amazon link to buy the book here 🙂

Some interviews:



The Beguiling and Paul Gravett Recommend!

Christopher Butcher at the Beguiling and Comics212 recommends Malinky Robot in his August 24 List 🙂

I totally dig Malinky Robot, and some great comics creators clearly feel the same! Creator Sonny Liew has made appearances in the FLIGHT and LIQUID CITY anthologies, won the Xeric grant, a bunch of awards, and now all of his gorgeous, detailed, dirty and dense and wonderful city comics are available in one full-colour collection… Basically, buy this, it’s great.”

The Beguiling (“Showcasing the largest selection of alternative, underground and avant-garde graphic story telling in [Canada]… Among the many accolades afforded the store, the most prestigious was the first-ever Will Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award for excellence in retailing”) looks like a totally awesome comics store, though no idea if I’ll ever get a chance to visit it :p


Paul Gravett (author of “Graphic Novels: Everything you Need to Know“) says in his August previews:

I’ve been warming to the work of Singapore-based comics creator Sonny Liew for a while now. He has worked with some pretty big-name writers like Mark Hempel, Mike Carey… but on the basis of his contributions of the anthologies Flight and Liquid City(the latter edited by him), I think he’s possibly at his best when crafting quirky characters and worlds of his own, where he can really pour his storytelling imagination out onto the page. This book of Malinky Robot has been out now for a while in French and I think other languages, but now the wait is over and the English edition of this compilation of his solo strips is almost with us.